Social media is the best place to promote a business. If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand’s followers and increase conversions, then adopt a social media strategy. In this article, Core Freelancers will show you how to increase sales in your online business through social media.

6 Effective Ways to Promote on Social Media

1. Using Ads

Promotion on social media can also be done using ads. Several ads types are available on Facebook, such as sponsored stories, cost per click, page like ads. The various ads are available on Instagram, such as photo ads, carousel ads, collection ads, stories ads, and reel ads.

In addition to using advertising facilities already available on social media, you can also advertise by sponsoring social media accounts with many followers.

2. Reaching Community

Social media is a place for people to gather. People with the same hobbies and interests usually form a community. The presence of these community groups can certainly be a target for business people to promote their products. But it would help if you used soft selling techniques to reach the community.

3. Hold a Contest or Quiz

Contests or quizzes are the most powerful way to promote a brand on social media. This method is worth trying because your brand will get a high impression from the target market. Target consumer engagement will also be very high because your target market and consumers are interested in gifts. It applies if you hold a quiz or contest related to the product being sold.

4. Share Knowledge

Another creative way to promote brands through social media is to share knowledge or information about products. You can share tips on using products through ebooks or sharing video tutorials on how to use products and many others.

5. Creating Status/Tweet/Post

It is the most simple and accessible way of promotion on social media, through status/tweets made on social media. Make a post or tweet that grabs the attention of the audience.

6. Posting Products on Social Media Stories Regularly

Currently, promotion on social media can be more effective with stories that only last for 24 hours. You can create easy-to-understand and straightforward content and post it on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp stories. Don’t forget to include your product link in the story so potential buyers can directly visit your business account/website.


Why should you promote on social media?

-Social media allows for more interaction and marketing of brands from different sides. Social media is a channel that offers a fun and easy way to interact with consumers.

What are the things to know about promotion on social media?

-Pay attention to visuals, pay attention to posting hours, provide useful things, interact with followers, quantity doesn’t have to be too much/too little, exciting writing.

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