A website builder can be likened to a building. Websites also require builders as well as tools to build. In the past, these tools could not only be made by anyone good at editing code. Not everyone can create and develop a website. Fortunately, nowadays building a website doesn’t require the ability to edit a code. All that has to be done is a website builder.

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool used to build and develop a website. By using a web builder, you do not need special skills in the field of code editing. You can interpret a web builder as a website creation program for non-IT practitioners. This means that even ordinary people can build websites without being proficient in IT.

But building a website with a web builder is not as easy as turning the palm. It takes experience and skills to optimize a web builder. Where can we access and get a web builder? Is this program free or paid?

There are many web builders that you can find easily on the internet. You only need to use Google with the keyword website builder software. You will find many website builders. Based on how to format the program, there are two types of website builders, namely online and offline web builders.

List of the Best Free Website Builders

There are dozens of web builders both online and offline, both free and paid, which is an option. That is a dilemma to face. Sometimes, many choices make it difficult for us to choose. Some of the following website builder recommendations can be the best choice for those of you who want to create a website:

1. Wix

Wix is ​​a website builder for those of you who want freedom. Wix offers free and flexible website creation and development compared to other structured web builders. You will get support in the form of many website editing options. There are many themes to choose from (more than 500), many creator features and integration with other applications are also available.

Wix gives full access to every step of website development. Wix is ​​available in a free edition as well as a paid edition. There are 2 categories of website planning for the premium version, namely general websites and e-commerce websites. Each category provides a different premium package. The cheapest premium website builder package is the connect domain package ($5/month) while the most expensive package is priced at $29/month.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is the best web builder for those of you who are looking for an elegant website appearance. Squarespace is unmatched when it comes to templates and themes. You can experience building a website with an intuitive user interface, impressive design, and impressive features. If you are building a website that focuses on visual enjoyment then Squarespace is for you.

Unfortunately, this Squarespace does not provide a free edition. There is a free trial option for 14 days to try this website builder. Even though it is considered expensive, Squarespace is trying to give you what your money can get. None of the premium plans offer useless features. The cheapest premium plan is the personal plan ($12/month). While the most expensive and most comprehensive package is the Advanced package ($40/month).

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

NoBenefits of Using a Website Builder
1Save a lot of time and cost
2Does not require programming language skills such as HTML, PHP, Javascript and CSS
3There are tens of thousands of stock images with high quality assurance
4Very user friendly or easy to use

3. Shopify (Free Trial and Premium)

Shopify is the best website builder for e-commerce websites (online stores). As the name implies, you can get various features that are required to build an online shopping website. Shopify has a fairly intuitive interface, easy to master, and quite simple. The main feature of Shopify is the app store where through this feature you can freely choose e-commerce applications ranging from invoice applications to product review applications.

The app store is the main differentiator between Shopify and other e-commerce specialist website builders. Apart from that, the app store is constantly evolving. Applications that appear always try to meet the needs of every era. Shopify provides a free trial edition for 14 days. The cheapest premium edition from Shopify is the Basic edition ($29/month). While the most expensive premium edition is the Advanced edition ($299/month).

4. Weebly

If you need a website but are lazy to tinker, lazy to do creative things, and until now still haven’t found the right program then Weebly is highly recommended for you. Weebly is the best simple website builder and is for those of you who don’t understand the world of website development. Everything looks simple from the appearance to the available features.

Even though it’s simple, everything on Weebly is 100% functional and reliable. Weebly also includes an app center feature that becomes an application library. Another plus of Weebly is that it’s free. The cheapest premium edition is the Connect edition ($4/month) while the most expensive premium edition is the Pro edition ($12/month).

5. Zyro

Zyro is a website builder that has tons of interesting templates that can suit different types of niches. Zyro’s price is very affordable because starting from IDR 11,800.00 per month, you already have a website with an attractive appearance and various features. In addition, if you want to create an e-commerce website, Zyro provides a separate package with prices starting at IDR 108,500 per month.

6. Jimdo

Jimdo promises its users the ease of using a website builder with this drag and drops feature because it has an unburden your business value proposition. In addition, Jimdo is also very responsive to fashion display websites. So, you don’t have to worry if the website looks weird when accessed from a cellphone. To use Jimdo, you can get started for free. If you want to upgrade, there are START packages for 10 USD, Grow 20 USD, and Unlimited for 39 USD.

7. Webnode

Webnode is a website builder that offers SEO-friendly pages. If you want to focus on this, then Webnode can be the right choice. Especially if you want to create a multi-language website, you don’t have to bother installing this because Webnote supports many languages. This website builder also has various packages that you can choose according to your budget.

You can try it for free and upgrade to various plans such as Limited for 3.90 USD, Mini for 7.50 USD, Standard for 12.90 USD, and Prodi for 22.90 USD.

8. Webflow

Webflow is a reliable web builder for creating responsive pages. In addition, Webflow adopts CMS capabilities and combines them with attractive visual elements. Webflow is the best choice for those of you who are thinking about an SEO-friendly web builder.

9. Strikely

For those of you who want to create a one-page only website, Strikingly can provide it for you. Pages made with Strikingly are very attractive and the support staff is very good. Unfortunately, if you are looking for an SEO-friendly web builder, Strikingly can’t do it.

10. Web.com

The advantage of web.com is the availability of templates that are so neat and clean that they look professional. The disadvantage of a website builder is that the price of domain renewal is quite expensive so you have to think carefully about using it.



What is a web builder?

-Website builder is a platform or program that can help you to build a website. Not only that, but a web builder can also make it easier to publish a website.

Is WordPress free?

-WordPress.com is the free version that WordPress gives you. If you have ever used the blogger platform then this WordPress.com blog is not much different. You don’t need to have a domain and hosting. Everything is available from WordPress.com for free.

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