If you’ve been in the world of digital marketing long enough, you certainly are familiar with the term influencer. Actually, who is meant by these influencers? Why do you use it for business?

Definition of Influencers

As the name implies, an influencer can be interpreted as someone who gives a broad influence to society. Influencers can be bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, or even public figures who are considered important in a community.

Influencers usually have a lot of followers on their social media accounts. But there are also influencers whose follower numbers are not too many but still have an effect on many people. The strength of an influencer lies in its influence. This is what makes a business owner take an influencer to promote his product.

Influencers that help with the promotion are called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy where a company invites influencers to work together to increase brand awareness and sales.

Benefits of Using Influencers for Business

No Benefits of Using Influencers
1 Increase sales
2 Build close relationships with consumers
3 Consumers trust more
4 Reach more consumers
5 Easier and faster return on investment (ROI)

Types of Influencers

There are many types of influencers. They are distinguished based on the number of followers and media used to carry out promotions.

Influencers based on the number of followers include:

1. Micro

Micro-influencers usually have less than 10,000 followers. With a small number of followers, you might think that using a micro-influencer isn’t very effective at introducing your product/service. But not.

Micro-influencers do not have broad influence but have strong engagement with their social media followers> Social media panel. A study shows that 82% of consumers might buy products recommended by micro-influencers. Quite a big number, right?

Micro-influencers usually have a more specific audience for a particular niche. This is what makes a micro-influencer able to create content that is relevant to his followers.

2. Macro

Macro influencers are bigger than micro-influencers because the number of followers can be more than 100,000 people. Macro influenza is a figure that is very well known though not too well known as celebrities.

Macro Influencers have enormous potential to promote products to more people. Using macro-influencers can make your business brand look exclusive.

3. Premium

Influencer top premium is the top influencer with the most number of followers, amounting to millions.

With a large number of followers, the range of influencers’ premium messages is very broad. The percentage of product purchases recommended by premium influencers is not too big but very promising.

However, if you decide to use premium influencers, you must keep thinking about the suitability of the budget with the products you offer.

Those are the types of influencers based on the number of followers. Now, we will discuss the types of influencers based on the media used.

1. Blogger

Blogger is someone who manages and has a blog. Many blogs are used to review a product.

When bloggers recommend a particular product, then the readers will be interested in trying the product. If every reader of the bloggers is fairly numerous then marketing will become more effective and easier.

2. Instgram Celebrity

Instagram celebrity is a public figure who uses Instagram to promote its products.

Instagram is a medium that has big potential as a promotional media because Indonesia is the fourth largest user of Instagram in the world, 59 million users! The data shows that the population of the program can be used as a promotional tool.

3. YouTuber

YouTubers are someone who uploads a video to YouTube. If you want to work with YouTubers with a large number of followers then you have the potential to attract followers to use your product.

Case Study: Fatrio Youtube

Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing for Business

1. Increase Sales

If your product is known by many people, the sales will also increase. Especially if the product is used by a celebrity at an event that invites a lot of media. Product sales can increase dramatically in just one day.

2. Build close relationships with consumers

By using the services of influencers, then you have a closer relationship with your customers. One thing that you must remember is that you must choose the right influencer and in accordance with your product’s target market.

One way to build closeness with consumers is to use influencers who really like the products you sell.

Using premium influencers is not a guarantee that your marketing will be successful because these influencers might use fake followers. Conversely, using a micro-influencer might be somewhat beneficial because they usually use the product before recommending it to followers.

If there is a close relationship, then the follower can interact with influencers and discuss the products offered.

3. Consumers Trust More

If you promote your product with conventional marketing, then you need a long time to convince potential customers. But when you use public figures, consumer confidence will immediately form.

Because they have expertise and experience in certain fields. If they use your product, the followers will trust your product more.

4. Reach More Consumers

Some business owners usually promote their business through advertising both through electronic media and print media. But most people usually ignore these advertisements.

This is a drawback that can be covered by the role of an influencer. The number of active social media users in Indonesia has reached 150 million. They access social media for an average of 3.5 hours every day.

Marketing products using influencers through blogs, social media, or YouTube can reach more consumers.

If you can appoint public figures who can present content interestingly, then information about your product will not be missed by them. That is, the opportunity to reach out to consumers can be achieved more easily.

5. Faster ROI

Promotion can be a business investment, including using the services of influencers. You might be able to get a fairly large return on investment (ROI). That is, your opportunity to return on investment is faster and easier.

One study said that influencers can achieve ROI 11 times greater than banner ads.


– What are the Advantages of Using Micro-Influencers?

Your business will have a greater level of engagement with consumers because micro-influencers are quite interactive with their followers and want to try the product first before promoting it.

-Why can an Influencer Increase Trust in Products?

Because influencers have experience and expertise in certain fields so the products used by influencers seem “trusted”.

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