Building a business with a local brand is very promising. Currently, 93% of Indonesians trust more local quality products. There is an interesting fact related to this, namely that consumers are happy to buy well-promoted local brand products because they can feel closer to these products.

That means promotion for local brands is very important to do if your business wants to be more profitable. How do you promote a good local brand product? There are several powerful marketing tips so that your brand can be recognized by the public and generate greater profits.

Powerful Marketing Tips for Local Brands

Here are some proven marketing tips for your local brand:

1. Mandatory Use of the Website

Based on data, internet users in Indonesia have reached 196 million users, or 73.7% of the total population. A brand that wants to continue to grow is required to carry out online promotions. Imagine if your business is still running offline, the potential to get millions of customers will be lost.

What’s more, there are many options to go online nowadays. Do you want to start with social media first? Or do you want to work in the marketplace? The website remains the best choice with many advantages. So, you should make this your main channel for promotion.

With a website, your branding effort will be much easier. This is of course different from the marketplace or social media which looks uniform and cannot be changed. A website gives you the freedom to build your branding.

2. Optimize Local SEO

Because your business uses a local brand, you certainly need to be able to master local search results on Google so that your marketing efforts can be better. What’s more, 46% of Google users perform local searches.
This can be tricked by local SEO optimization, which is a way of optimizing the website so that it can appear in search results in a certain area. If your business is located in a city, searches related to that city must display your brand.

The way to optimize local SEO is to do keyword research and use it on your website. The goal is to let you know what consumers want and what keywords are being typed into Google.

3. Don’t Forget to Register on Google My Business

Google My Business will appear if you search for businesses in certain regions. The function of this feature is to display a variety of complete information about your business so that consumers can easily find it.

Google My Business can strengthen your Local SEO because if someone is looking for your brand specifically, the information will immediately appear on the first page of Google like the example above.

Besides, Google My Business can also increase the credibility of your business by up to 70%. The reason is quite clear, namely the more complete the business information, the less likely it is that the business contains an element of fraud.

Reasons Why Marketing Is Important For Local Brands

NoReasons Marketing Is Important For Local Brands
1Consumers find it easier to find your brand
2Winning competition with local brands
3Build positive emotional attachment to consumers
4Targeting consumers more precisely
5Increase the amount of income

4. Creating Buyer Persona

Marketing can also be used by local brands to target consumers more precisely. One of them is by creating buyer personas. The buyer persona is a representation of your typical target customer. Buyer personas are usually obtained from research results containing demographic, behavioral, and personality data.

90% of businesses have succeeded in increasing understanding to consumers with buyer personas. What’s the effect? You will know your target market and whatever they need. So, you don’t just promote the product to many people who don’t necessarily feel interested in the product. So it will save time and cost.

5. Determine Brand Selling Value

What makes your brand different from competitors? Is your customer service better? Is your product more exclusive because it is handmade? Do you provide free wood packing with every shipment? You should be able to determine the value of a Unique Selling Point (USP) or uniqueness.
USP not only attracts consumers but will make your marketing and branding efforts easier.

6. Managing Blogs So That It Can Provide Value

At first, glance, managing a blog sounds like a tiring job. It is not surprising that many local brands are still lazy to do it. These can be the most telling marketing tips to try.

6 in 10 consumers admit that they get value from blogs. This value can be in the form of useful information such as guides, tips, the latest promotional info that is closely related to your product.

This means that through blogs, consumers can become closer to the brand. This is because blogs contain a content marketing approach. This strategy is suitable for building local brand credibility for the long term.

7. Manage Official Social Media

We are sure that your business must already have an official social media account. But are you able to manage it well? Well-managed social media can provide a satisfying experience for consumers. 71% of consumers do not hesitate to recommend to others so that social media accounts are increasingly known and their followers can increase.


How often should I update the website?

-A website that has not been updated for a long time is more like an online brochure for a company. A successful website will interact with consumers and provide the latest and latest information and content.

How often should I post a blog or post on social media?

-For Facebook, you can post once a day and no less than 3 times a week.
For Instagram, once or twice a week.

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