If you are just building a website with WordPress CMS, you might be confused about choosing a free or premium template. Premium templates are paid WordPress templates, can be purchased from WordPress itself or other parties outside of it. What distinguishes between premium templates and free templates?

Choosing a website template must consider many things, not just a matter of appearance. You must know what you want to get by using your website and what features are useful for your website content.

Premium WordPress templates should be used if:

  • You want a unique website look
  • Want to develop a website so that it requires technical support
  • Want a website to use various features such as e-commerce
  • Running a business online

Best Premium WordPress Templates

No Best Premium WordPress Templates
1 Divi
2 Avada
3 X
4 Bridge
5 Genesis
6 Flatsome
7 Foodie Pro

What are the Advantages of Premium WordPress Templates?

WordPress premium templates are a business investment. Premium templates are usually high price because they provide premium features. When you have found an option for a website, you not only get a functional template but also technical support, regular updates, customization, and website security.

Some elements to be aware of when choosing a premium WordPress template:

1. Responsive

The WordPress website must use a responsive template because Google calculates how responsive the layout is on mobile. This will affect the search results.

2. Can be adjusted

With premium templates, you can customize the appearance of the website to your liking. This can adjust to your business needs.

3. Compatible

Premium templates usually make your website accessible to various types of browsers making it easier for visitors to access your website.

4. Standards-compliant

You must ensure that the template has been updated to the latest versions of WordPress, CSS, PHP, and HTML.

Best Premium WordPress Templates

If you are confused about choosing the best premium WordPress templates, then there is a list of the best premium WordPress templates that you must consider. You can see a demo of each template to find out how it looks.

The best premium WordPress templates usually provide various features that will improve the quality and performance of a website. This is the best premium WordPress template recommended for you.

1. Divi

Divi offers unlimited customization features and many functions. Customization templates can be used to create layouts on various types of websites. Divi has a feature called Divi Builder. One of the advantages of Divi compared to other templates is that Divi allows users to change the overall template. Users can change the page, icon, color, and upload format.

You can make a website look without having to do the coding. Divi provides 18 different layouts. This template design is quite responsive.

2. Avada

Avada is one of the most widely-used premium WordPress templates. Avada is very popular because of the convenience of the tools offered. Avada template users can use the Fusion Core plugin which contains various features. If these features are combined with other more advanced templates, then you can create a unique layout without having to do the coding.

3. X

This is a premium WordPress template that can be used to create various types of websites. Template X provides four main categories that can be used for various types of projects ranging from ordinary blogs to e-commerce.

X also uses one of the best Wordpress page builders, Cornerstone, and it’s easy to use in managing websites. A large number of modules can make it easier for you to set up a website payout and insert various elements so that your website looks more unique.

4. Bridge

Bridge has now reached version 19.5 which provides 145 types of layouts. You can find the layout following the wishes and type of website. You can also combine various types of elements and then create a website as you wish. The Visual Composer Plugin can help you modify or edit website layouts from scratch.

This large number of demos makes Bridge one of the best premium WordPress templates.

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5. Genesis

This is the type of template used by website users. The genesis template has been designed according to SEO so it is safe and easy to use. Genesis is specially designed to be integrated with child themes. This template is somewhat multifunctional so it is suitable for those of you who are experienced in developing. But you can also learn it self-taught.

6. Flatsome

This is an e-commerce template that combines e-commerce design trends. As a result, you will get an attractive website and increase conversion rates. This WordPress template was created specifically for websites with WooCommerce.

Flatsome templates can be used for various types of online stores. Flatsome also has a builder tool that can be dragged and dropped very easily. By using the Flatsome template, making designs and layouts specifically for your website even easier. Flatsome is also very responsive to smartphone and tablet users.

7. Foodie Pro

As the name implies, Foodie Pro is made specifically for those of you who want to create a food or culinary-themed blog. Foodie Pro only provides six layout options, including customizing and managing the widgets that you want to display on the website.

For those of you who are interested in creating a culinary-themed website and don’t want to bother to choose, then Foodie Pro can be the right choice.


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