YouTube is one of the social media places where young people express their creativity. YouTuber is also a quite popular profession. YouTube is the same as a blog that requires an optimization or SEO strategy. In this article, we discuss how we optimize Fatrio’s YouTube SEO channel.

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Fatrio Vape – How to Optimize YouTube Video

YouTuber Vape Indonesia

Fatrio is a YouTube channel owned by Rio Riza Samuel Sinulingga. This channel contains a variety of content about vapes such as liquid reviews, vape device reviews, domestic and foreign vape festivals, the collaboration between several vapor YouTubers, and education about vape. Channel Fatrio was made in 2015. Until now, his videos have been watched more than 37 million times. The number of subscribers has now reached 219,000.

YouTube about vape is still rarely a genre of YouTube channel in Indonesia. The number of vape YouTubers is still small compared to other genre YouTubers.

This is the motivation and uniqueness of YouTube Fatrio. Rio also makes a lot of informative content for his audience. Fatrio also often collaborates with other vape YouTubers so that the resulting content is richer and more interesting.

We Help Optimize YouTube Fatrio

We help Fatrio to optimize its videos so that more people watch and the number of subscribers also increases. Fatrio has made quality videos with interesting content so that they cannot be maximized without the right optimization strategy.

The following are statistics that show improvements on YouTube’s Fatrio channel.

How do we help optimize the Fatrio channel?

Just like blogs, YouTube also needs SEO. Let’s just say YouTube is a special search engine for videos. With optimization strategies, it is easier to find videos and get more viewers.

We optimize tags, descriptions, and backlinks for Fatrio’s YouTube channel. The results show an increase compared to before optimization. Tags, descriptions, and backlinks are part of YouTube’s SEO strategy and have a significant effect on the number of viewers and subscribers of a channel.

1. Tags Optimization

Tags are words and phrases that describe what is discussed in a YouTube video. The video tells about what, this is what is written in the tags. Although there is much debate about the effect of tags on YouTube’s rankings, tags are considered the most important factor in YouTube’s search algorithm to date.

Tags are very important because they provide information on YouTube and Google about your video. We write the right tags according to the Fatrio video discussion and write the tags that contain the keywords in the video. We also write tags which are the outline of Fatrio’s YouTube video discussion. We also removed tags that were negative and not relevant to the YouTube theme.

2. Description Optimization

Description in a video means metadata that helps YouTube understand what your video is about. A well-optimized description can help a video rank higher on YouTube.

Just like tags, YouTube also uses description to understand the context of a video. If the description is correct, the video rating can be higher and recommended for YouTube viewers.

On the Fatrio channel, we optimize the description by writing down what is discussed in the video. We also place the main keywords in several parts of the description.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos

No Optimized Things How We Optimize
1 Tags Tags contain keywords, remove negative and irrelevant tags, tell the contents of the video
2 Description Write down what is discussed in the video and enter keywords in certain sections.
3 Backlinks Insert Youtube videos into media with high DA and PA.

3.Backlinks Optimization

Just like blogs, backlinks also apply in the world of YouTube. The backlink is a link that leads to your YouTube channel / YouTube video. The more links that point to your YouTube video/channel, the higher your video/channel ranking will be.

If YouTubers want his videos to get ranked on Google, then putting his YouTube videos on relevant websites will be very helpful. Quality backlinks will increase video rankings on Google and increase viewership.

We have also added Fatrio videos to several online media that have a high domain of authorization and page authorization. This is quite influential on the increase in the number of subscribers and viewers on YouTube Fatrio.

Get to know YouTube SEO

SEO so far may only be known for Google’s search engine. But YouTube also uses the same algorithm as Google. YouTube also has an SEO strategy so that videos can be optimized and ranked higher according to targeted keywords.

If you want your videos to appear on the first page then you should be able to win the competition with other videos so YouTube SEO is needed in this regard. The higher your video rank, the more number of viewers you get.

If you install AdSense or advertise certain products through your YouTube channel, the number of viewers will be proportional to the income you get. Youtube SEO also makes it easy for users to find videos based on certain keywords written in the search field.

To optimize your Youtube SEO, you can use SEO services or do it yourself.

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-What to Look for in YouTube SEO?

+ Tags, description and backlinks.

-Why is YouTube SEO Important?

+Because it can improve video rankings on YouTube so that videos get more viewers.

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