Cyber Security Service

In the digital era, digital-based businesses are easy targets for hackers. Customer and company data is vulnerable to being misused by hackers for their benefit. Cyber attacks are unavoidable. Cyber security is needed to maintain the security of digital business assets and their data. Cyber security is an effort to protect information from cyber attacks.

Companies transforming from digital data are strongly encouraged to pay attention to and use cyber security in storing, accessing, and retrieving important information. Core Freelancers provide various services in the field of cyber security.

The following are our cyber security services:

Website Security Audit

Website security is vulnerable to being targeted by hackers. That’s why you need to know the gaps in the security of your website. We offer website security audits that examine all websites, applications, and web servers to find security flaws, loopholes, and vulnerabilities that hackers can use to attack. Our audit process is straightforward and fast. Inform us of the domain, and we will provide a full report according to the findings.

Web Penetration Testing

Penetration testing can be an essential part of a company’s website security controls. For some organizations, these tests are mandatory to comply with safety standards or regulations. Penetration testing and security assessments provide the information needed to evaluate the overall security position. Our penetration testing service (sometimes called ‘ethical hacking’) can help you assess vulnerabilities in your network and website applications from cyber attacks. We have highly-trained specialists who can test and report on website application vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile app security aims to identify whether cybercriminals can compromise mobile apps to gain illegal access to personal or company information, company resources, or other user data. The focus of these attacks is shifted to violating privacy and ignoring the platform-specific APIs and mechanisms used for data protection. Why is this important? Applications often use essential and sensitive data, so they are likely to be attacked by hackers or mobile devices to experience theft. To prevent this from happening, mobile app security testing is needed.

Static Application Security Testing

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is a testing method that analyzes source code to find security vulnerabilities that make applications vulnerable to cyber attacks or commonly known as white box testing. SAST does not require an already running application and only requires source code. It helps developers identify vulnerabilities early and speeds up the repair process when the application is still in source code and does not need to be in the final phase when the application is running. Core Freelancers provides SAST services for your applications.

External Network Security Audit

An external network security audit is the first step in identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities. You can analyze all devices as well as network infrastructure and network management.

Data Leak Detection

In every news published, data breaches always occur. Sensitive data can be exposed and cause irreparable damage to the company. We can help detect and respond to leaks proactively to defend against these cyber attacks. We will use the full power of monitoring and intelligence services to see leaked credentials. Our experienced analysts will explore websites and messages to interact with perpetrators and provide proactive protection.

Insider Threat Prevention

Core Freelancers also protect against insider threats. Our services are tailor-made to assess existing insider threat programs and build effective security programs to stop these threats. There are several benefits of insider threat prevention: minimizing the impact of insider threats and data theft, increasing the insider threat security program, identifying gaps in technology capabilities, and increasing the company’s return on investment.

Remote Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a corporate first line of defense against cybercrime. Computer forensics involves the maintenance, identification, extraction, and documentation of computer evidence stored as encoded data or information. The collection of evidence and information has become a central issue in the increasing number of conflicts and crimes. Computer forensics experts from Core Freelancers are very experienced and can help you handle various cases such as money fraud, data, and network sabotage, theft of proprietary information, system penetration, unauthorized access from insiders, and abuse of the internet access rights by employees.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is designed to ensure the integrity and security of enterprise IT systems from internal and external threats. Service assessments are designed to ensure the most substantial protection of data and information by reviewing and analyzing IT systems and describing and prioritizing security issues. Core Freelancers identify and assess security vulnerabilities of network infrastructure and web applications, reduce the risk of security threats and cybercrimes and provide updated information on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Core Freelancers provides penetration testing services for companies in need. This service aims to test and assess existing vulnerabilities in an application or website security system to detect and prevent unwanted things, such as data theft, data corruption, data hostage, data loss, and others. This penetration testing can provide a sense of security for users or stakeholders in the company related to implementing information security management.

Security Code Review

Strengthen the security of your application with security code reviews for various programming languages. Trust the review team of Core Freelancers analysts so you can always release secure software for your business. Security code reviews are always focused on areas of code that are very high risk because they are intensive and expensive.

Infrastructure Security Audit

An infrastructure security audit is a technical evaluation process that assesses the current status of your systems, applications, and networks to measure their performance. The audit ensures all systems run optimally according to your business needs. Performing an IT Infrastructure Audit is very important to maintain a stable and efficient IT infrastructure. The audit provides an in-depth analysis of the IT environment and advice on what needs to be improved in the IT infrastructure. The goal is to identify inefficiencies and errors in IT systems and fix them promptly.

Compliance Test

IT compliance testing is an IT compliance test so that the implementation and management of information technology are by the standards applied in a particular environment or institution. Compliance is about people, processes, and technology. Many companies pay too much attention to technology and fail the audit due to a lack of awareness of human and process factors.

IT security services of Core Freelancers are available for small, medium, corporate, and government agencies.

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