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Email is a popular marketing channel in business because it is proven to produce high ROI. Creating an email marketing strategy is urgent for business people.

So What is EDM?

EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) is a marketing strategy companies use to connect with customers or potential customers. Marketers can use EDM to send personalized emails that can build strong customer relationships, drive brand loyalty and help increase conversions.

Then what’s the difference with email marketing? EDM is more than just direct email marketing. EDM can take the form of newsletters and promotions that keep customers informed of brand developments. EDM helps build stronger relationships with customers, generate leads and increase sales.

If you are already using email marketing or not even at all, then EDM can be the best step to improve your marketing performance. EDM is more complex than a typical email marketing campaign.

EDM covers several marketing channels, including retargeting, social media, PPC, SMS marketing, and direct mail campaigns. The goal of an EDM campaign is much the same as any other marketing campaign – to communicate a compelling message. You can use EDM to build customer trust and storytelling, sell products, or expect calls to action from potential customers.

What are the Benefits of Using EDM for Business?

A well-designed EDM will benefit your business. Here are some of the benefits you will get:

Closer to Customers

A visually appealing EDM will make customers pay attention to your brand. They can easily read the EDM that you send.

Build Better Relationships with Customers

60% of customers sign up for email marketing. You can use it to provide information about the latest products, services, and promotions.

Increase Traffic to the Website

99% of consumers check email every day. Send exciting content to your customers regularly and get them to visit your website.

Save cost

For every EDM expenditure, you can get ROI up to several times. Done right, EDM can keep customers engaged and increase conversions at a fraction of the cost.

Drive Sales Conversions

EDM is so effective that 85% of businesses use it to generate leads. By engaging leaders, you can move customers closer to sales conversions.

Gain Helpful Insights

Measure what is working well and what is not working well. You can adjust your marketing strategy based on analytics for better customer engagement.

Package 1

Rp 300.000

Per Month500 database clients + Rp 300.000 per newsletter sent.

Package 1

Rp 800.000

Per Month1500 database clients + Rp 300.000 per newsletter sent.

Package 3

Rp 1.500.000

Per Month5000 database clients + Rp 300.000 per newsletter sent.

First newsletters template design, only one time needed when we setup account is :

Rp 1.200.000

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