Inbound marketing is a marketing activity carried out to help someone get more consumers. This explanation is indeed a cliché but there are methodologies and strategies in inbound marketing that make it very useful if applied to your business. Inbound marketing is very familiar in the world of marketing. Many consider this form of marketing to be more powerful than traditional models that rely on advertising or product services through the media.

Inbound marketing is of course more complex than just the explanation above. There are many things in inbound marketing that can be applied in business to get maximum results. What are the elements in inbound marketing? What’s the strategy? Here’s the explanation.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing activity that is carried out to help prospective customers more easily find your business or company. When a business is looking for customers, this is inversely related to an inbound marketing strategy. It is consumers who will look for your business.

For potential customers to find your business, then of course several things must be done. This is the main principle of inbound marketing. You must be able to make potential customers feel interested and feel like they need a product or service that is sold in this business. Sounds very tempting, doesn’t it? When your business is sought after by consumers, you will have no trouble increasing profits.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Several inbound marketing strategies can be applied to get the most optimal results:

1. Offer Content

Inbound marketing makes great use of content. This content offering is very useful for potential customers. This strategy can have a very good impact on consumers and your business. The presence of content on consumers will make them always remember your business. So you are more likely to get new customers if the content offering is really interesting.

You can provide content that suits your consumers. The content created and provided must be really useful for potential consumers. Thus, consumers will feel that your content is very useful.

2. Raise Awareness

Awareness of consumers in a business can occur at any time, especially when they need your product. When that awareness has been formed, when they need your product, consumers can immediately look for it. This makes awareness play an important role in inbound marketing.

Awareness can grow in many ways. But you have to do the marketing process first. Slowly but surely, potential customers can feel the presence of your product. Your business can benefit greatly from there.

3. Interaction

Interaction is an important part of running an inbound marketing strategy. This strategy must be built between the business and the consumer. This interaction will also affect the reaction of consumers. If the interactions that are built by consumers with businesses can run very well, then it is not strange if they become consumers.

This interaction can indeed build strong trust with consumers. Good interaction can finally open up opportunities for you to provide complete information. In addition, this is also a way out for consumers who have complaints about your business. Positive interactions make consumers feel satisfied and more loyal.

4. Giving Suggestions

Every consumer must have their problems, especially related to the use of your business products. Even if it’s a problem, don’t forget it. You have to give the best advice to consumers. The process of providing this advice must be done well. Suggestions must be useful for consumers so that they can get the right solution.

The problem of consumers is not only about using the product but also finding the best option according to their individual needs. You can help consumers with the best advice to find products that suit their needs so they can buy your products faster and more accurately.

Advantages of Using Inbound Marketing

NoAdvantages of Using Inbound Marketing
1Fairly affordable cost
2Long term orientation
3Creating a target market
4Very easy to practice
5Support business growth

Elements of Inbound Marketing

Several elements of inbound marketing must be carried out by businesses. Here is the explanation.

1. Research

In the research stage, you must understand the target consumers targeted by the business, ranging from demographics, age, socio-economic segmentation, religion, interests, professions, and so on. Also, pay attention to competitors’ marketing activities so you have to spy on competitors to get the best research results.

2. Creating a Website

You have to look for the type of content, format, topic, products offered, and keywords. Don’t forget to create a website. The website is a place to display your content, but you must apply good SEO principles such as calls to action, registers, newsletters for consumers who are interested in your content and business.

3. Creating Content

Now is the time to create content with the application of SEO according to the results of the research conducted. You can create content that suits the type of consumer, ranging from those who don’t understand the business at all to those who are in the stage of considering using the product. With a very broad scope of content, the target consumer is bigger than before.

4. Promoting Content

The content that has been created can be promoted on your website and then shared on several social media and consumers. Especially for consumers, provide content through newsletters to the emails that they previously registered. If you want to use ads, then don’t hesitate to attract more consumers.

5. Leads Generation

Capturing leads or prospects is not an easy thing. You must have a call to action element on the website. In addition, open the option to subscribe to the newsletter to provide the latest news and information. If you want to give your best effort, then share free special content that can only be obtained if consumers have subscribed to the newsletter. So, they can see that your company does have values ​​to follow.

6. Content Optimization

Content and website optimization should also be done. Many people who run inbound marketing but forget the optimization step. Also, check periodic reports related to the performance of the content in attracting more consumers. So it can be explained that inbound marketing is closely related to content marketing. Even content marketing is a part of inbound marketing. The role of content marketing plays an important role in developing your business’s inbound marketing strategy.

Even though inbound marketing requires hard work, the impact given is also no less for your business. This strategy makes potential customers try to find your business and become loyal customers. All these efforts are very important to help the company achieve its business targets. Do not run inbound marketing without an effective and efficient method. You still have to run this strategy well.


What is inbound marketing?

-Inbound marketing is a marketing technique that uses relevant and solution content and interactions to make a business easier for consumers to find. In this case, the consumer will be closer to the product/service being offered.

What is content marketing?

-Content marketing is a marketing strategy approach focused on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content.


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