Most people in this world must have the email in today’s digital era. To use a smartphone only, one must have an email first. Email marketing campaigns are growing rapidly and becoming a primadonna in the marketing world. However, the competition for email marketing campaigns turned out to be quite tight. There are 269 billion emails sent to all users.

A strategy is undoubtedly needed, so your campaign stands out compared to other emails. Want to know what things to pay attention to when creating an email marketing campaign to succeed? The following will discuss the complete steps.

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

According to, email marketing is a form of marketing directly to consumers using email to promote company products or services. Email marketing is also a part of digital marketing that can let customers on your email list know about new products, discounts, and other services.

Effective Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

For a company’s email marketing strategy to work effectively, you must pay attention to several strategies such as the following:

1. Know the Email Marketing Campaign Goals You Want to Achieve

Every good marketing strategy starts with setting clear goals. To generate successful campaigns and generate more sales and revenue. You have to know what you want to achieve with it. Generally, the objectives of an email marketing campaign include the following:

Welcoming New Customers. Emails to welcome new customers are usually used to inform customers about your business. This method is the first step to creating a good relationship with customers and providing a good image for your business.

  • Increase Customer Engagement. Increasing customer engagement with your content and business is the next goal. You can achieve this goal by sending online promotional seminars related to your business.
  • Maintaining Relationships with Old Customers. It can also be a goal that must be achieved in running an email marketing campaign. So don’t forget the loyal customers who have supported you before, so they don’t hang around.
  • Re-Engage Inactive Customers. In a business, there must be customers who have disappeared and have not seen any activity in your business for a long time. By implementing an email marketing campaign, you can try to reach them again to get back active.

2. Knowing the Type of Email Sent

In email marketing, many types can be made depending on the context and time of delivery. Two categories divide these types of email.

The first category is relational emails that aim to maintain good relations between your business and customers. Here are some examples:

  • Regular newsletters are your way of keeping in touch with customers. You can provide the latest information about events, news, or promotions that are being run by your business. It is an excellent way to keep customers engaged with the growing industry.
  • Surprise gifts are a great choice of email ideas you can send to create customer loyalty. This gift can be a discount voucher or a bonus item voucher with a minimum purchase.
  • New product updates. It can also be used as the marketing email content that we send. This method will inform customers that there is a new product that you are selling. In sending this kind of email, don’t forget the Call to Action sentence so they will be more impulsive in buying.

The second category is transactional emails. These emails are related to customer administrative matters. Transactional emails are generally sent because a customer on your site performs the activity. Emails included in this category include:

  • Registration confirmation emails.
  • Emails with welcome messages.
  • Order confirmation emails.
  • Confirmation emails to change information.

3. Content Sent Clear, Objective, and Persuasive

Email marketing campaigns cannot be separated from content. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the content sent to customers. You certainly have to have a trick so that the content created is more attractive in their eyes compared to other email content.

First, ensure that the content you create has an objective title and content. It is essential in particular to maintain customer confidence in the business. Currently, many emails are in the form of clickbait and do not match the contents of the title. Anyone would feel annoyed and lied to if they read an email like this. So you shouldn’t do that if you don’t want to lose their trust.

You must ensure that the content submitted has a precise meaning, intent, and purpose. Make the title clear and describe the email’s content very well. Lastly, it would help if you made the content delivered as persuasive as possible. One way is to create unique sentences and take advantage of existing trends with copywriting. You should also include a call to action sentence to attract more customers to make a purchase.

4. Prepare an Attractive Design

After determining the content that will be sent to customers, the next important point is to prepare the design and arrange the layout to make it look attractive. When planning an email campaign, focus on the message you want to convey and keep the design simple and consistent with the brand identity. You can put all elements for a campaign according to level, for example, placing the most critical information or main conclusion at the top so that customers can skim your email if they don’t have much time.

5. Do A/B Testing

Before sending out a massive email marketing campaign, there’s nothing wrong with doing A/B testing first. Take two concepts you think will work and divide them into two groups. Look at the metrics to compare which image performs better. Analyze the results for you to use as a guide in your next email marketing campaign.

6. Setting a Mobile-Friendly Display

Research shows that nearly 47% of emails are opened via mobile phones. That means you have to set up an email interface that is friendly to mobile users. It  is done by:

  • Optimized font size to improve readability on smartphones
  • Following the iOS button guidelines with size 44×44 Pixel
  • Considering ergonomics because many users are tapping and scrolling their phones using their thumbs
  • Turn emails into single-column templates
  • Make CTA clear and easy to tap

7. Using the Email Automation Feature

Email automation is sending emails to reach the right people with the right message and at the right time without needing to be monitored all the time. You can use email marketing software to send messages automatically. Email automation also helps streamline customer communication, giving you more time to focus and increase your return on investment.

8. Measuring and Observing Email Marketing Campaigns

Companies can determine the performance of email marketing campaigns through several indicators such as the number of clicks, visits to the website, and purchases in e-commerce. Record the data obtained from these indicators and then evaluate whether the campaigns carried out are by the objectives to be achieved. The more you can analyze the data, the better you can understand what worked and what didn’t for your corporate audience so you can plan more effective campaigns in the future.


What are email campaigns?

-Email marketing campaign is the process of planning, executing, measuring, and improving the results of marketing campaigns via email. A successful email marketing campaign will get email recipients to take action, engage with your business and help get more sales.

When is email marketing used?

-Email marketing is used to build connections with potential customers and then quickly direct them to become loyal customers. This type of email is also used to react directly to customer actions.

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