The number of promotional methods that are scattered on the internet is quite a lot. Most require no small cost. The advertiser’s budget is usually limited. But advertisers also need effective campaign methods and can deliver results in line with expectations. Conducting guest blogs, endorsements, promotions through forums, and so on requires a lot of money.

Therefore, Google offers a solution in the form of Google Ads. Google Ads used to be called Google Adwords. Google Ads is pretty much liked by marketers because of its effectiveness and right on target. Only a short time, the website can occupy the first page of search engines. Yes, although this can be achieved with SEO, Google Ads are still superior.

The advantage of Google Ads that advertisers like is that they only have to pay according to the number of people who click on the ad. The auction system also increasingly eases advertisers. Simple, right?

What is Google Ads?

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Google Ads is the new name of Google AdWords. As the top online advertising platform, Google Ads provides the opportunity for companies to create unique advertisements that can reach users. These ads can appear on Google Search Networks such as Google search results, Google Display Networks, for example on third party sites. Google Ads also offers access to various campaign types, targeting, and bidding options.

In essence, Google Ads is Google’s ad network that allows advertisers to display their ads on search results pages, YouTube, Google’s applications, and other media affiliated with Google.

How does Google Ads work?

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How Google Ads works can be summarized into 3 stages:

  • Setting Google Ads
  • Proses Bidding
  • Quality Score

Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising platform. Advertisers must pay for every click from the traffic that goes to the advertiser’s website. To be able to advertise on Google Ads, you must bid with fellow competitors.

Bid or auction from Google is very different from other auction systems. Not just a matter of cost being discussed but Google is also very concerned about the quality and relevance of being able to pass ads in the auction.

Here’s how Google Ads works:

1.Setting Google Ads


You can directly visit the official Google Ads site. If you don’t have one, please register and fill in the required details. Usually, after completing the registration directly directed to create the first ad.

In this stage, you can set a budget, anyone who becomes the target audience, determine how much the bid and then start writing ads.

-Store a Budget

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Setting a budget is not too difficult and it can’t be said to be easy either. You must set a daily budget so that expenses are not too excessive. To find out the daily budget, you can see how many visitors are on the landing page and can be converted to consumers. But if you are just making an ad for the first time, just use the average amount.

Landing page in this case is the key to the success of advertising. Therefore, the landing page must be made as well as possible.

Don’t forget to save this setting.

-Selecting Target Audience

You can choose your target audience based on location. This feature will ensure that ads will appear only to users who are in certain locations that type in the keywords you bid. For location, it can be made more specific by determining how many kilometers from a certain point.

-Select the Network

There are two networks provided by Google, the search network and the display network.

The search network will place ads on search results pages while the display network will display ads on websites affiliated with Google.

If the business is still small you should choose a search network because it will display ads that match relevant keywords.

If the purpose is for branding or retargeting you should choose a display network. But the display network is not oriented on certain keywords.

-Choose a Keyword

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Google might only allow advertisers to choose 15 to 20 keywords to trigger ads to appear in search results. But you can also add the number of keywords later.

You should choose keywords that can give definite results rather than choosing lots of keywords that are not relevant. Note the search volume of selected keywords. You might feel interested in keywords that have a high search volume. But that is not always good.

Keywords that are sought after usually have expensive bid prices and drain the budget.

2. Bidding Process

Google’s auction process does not mean that you have to fight over prices in a certain room. Google’s keyword auction process is more efficient than that. You only need to choose keywords to create ads. After that, enter what is the maximum price for one click.

If you want to pay higher then the ad will also be rated higher than other competitors. When someone uses your keyword, Google will compare all bids in one keyword and choose the keyword with the highest bid plus the relevance of the ad.

3. Quality Score

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Google will usually look at the performance of your ad and use information to determine whether the ad is eligible to appear on search engines or not.

Factors Affecting Quality Score


Quality Score Factor


1Landing page relevanceMeasuring the relevance of the selected keywords to the content on the landing page
2Expected click-through-ratioThe tendency of users to click on ads after searching with targeted keywords.
3Ad relevanceThe relevance of the keywords to the contents of the text in the ad

You can see the quality score of each keyword by adding the ‘quality score’ column at the bottom of the keyword tab in your Google Ads account.

How Does Google Adwords Grow a Business?

1. Targeting a Niche

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Google Ads can help grow your business, one of them, is because of its ability to target a specific audience. You can target several things such as browser, language, device, location, and time. You can target the right customers by aiming for specific keywords. Because your target starts searching on Google, you target the right people at the same time that the person is looking for your product/service.

2. Brand Awareness

If you aim for the right keywords, then you can be sure that your business will appear whether your customer types your company name or not. You can expand your keywords by selecting words that customers might search for. This makes you able to highlight your product brand.

3. Geographically Focused

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One of the advantages of Google Ads is its ability to determine certain geographical locations. If you target a certain area then your message will certainly be sent at the place you have specified. Your business will also grow in all the right places. Proper targeting can help improve ROI. Your investment will return faster.

4. Provide Competitiveness

If you search for something on Google and don’t get the results you want. When you search for keywords related to your product, you will only find products that belong to your competitors. By using Google AdWords, you can compete with large companies in the current digital era. Your customers are online. You must appear when they are looking for your product/service.

5. Measuring ROI

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Google Ads will give you precise metrics such as which keywords are effective and ineffective, what makes your ranking go up and down, CTR and so on. This report will make you able to see what’s useful and change the ad campaigns to your liking.


Why is Google Ads liked by many advertisers?

-Because advertisers can adjust advertising costs with the budget they have and advertisements are also more targeted.

How can Google Ads increase brand awareness?

-By displaying the brand even if the person doing the search does not type the brand name. As long as the targeted keywords are right then the brand will appear by itself.


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