If you have a business website as a marketing tool, then you certainly hope that your website will be visited by many visitors. Therefore, many businesses employ an SEO expert to maximize the optimization process.

Many business owners who want their website ranked at the top of the first page of search engines. But, there are no shortcuts for SEO. If you want your business to occupy the top position of search pages in a short amount of time, SEO may not be the right choice. However, the results of optimization with SEO take time but the results obtained will be very comparable to the time you have invested.

So, besides investing money, you also have to be patient waiting for the results of SEO performance. If the results will indeed be satisfying in the end, isn’t it worth it to fight? SEO will later help you achieve sales targets/businesses that have been set.

Definition of SEO

SEO is a website optimization strategy so that your website can rank in the search engines. In contrast to Google Adwords which makes your website rank at the top in a short amount of time, SEO takes longer, approximately 3 to 6 months.

If the field of business/niche of your website is competitive then it may take longer. It all depends on many factors.

How Does SEO Work?


Crawling is the process of taking all pages of the website linked to the website. Crawling is done by a piece of software called a crawler or Googlebot.


Indexing is the process of making an index for all pages that have been taken and stored in a database. In essence, the indexing process is like identifying words in a web page so that the page enters the search engine database and can be found by keywords.


This is the process by which search engines receive requests from users with certain keywords. Then the search engine performs the search process from various websites that have been previously indexed and entered into a search engine database.

Calculating Relevancy

A web page must have a lot of keywords entered into the search engine so that the search engine calculates the relevance of the keywords received with each page that has been indexed.

Retrieving Result

Retrieving results is to take the most relevant results from keywords that have been previously processed and then display them in a list of search engines in the browser.

Why Does SEO Take Time?

1.Need Website Audit

If you want a successful SEO strategy, then a comprehensive website audit is needed. SEO experts will check which parts of the website are having problems so that it prevents the website from ranking first. Your website might look fine, but not for Google.

A high-quality website audit can take weeks or even months. Not to mention if the website being handled is a large website that has thousands of pages. An audit will help you find problems on the website that might need a total overhaul.

Then, site optimization will be based on the audit results. An audit will ensure that no problems on your website can prevent it from appearing on search engines.

2. Writing High-Quality Content Is Not Easy

Every time, a lot of website content is created and published on the internet. If you think that your article is of sufficient quality, others might also think the same as you. They might even write articles whose quality is far better than yours.

Writing content that can attract the user’s attention and satisfy Google takes a long time. In fact, even copywriters from SEO agencies need to research and produce content on a daily basis.

To be able to create content that deserves top ranking from search engines, you must consider human-friendly, uniqueness, emotions that might emerge from the readers, the number of words, headlines, backlinks, and social shares.

3. Intense competition

Easy access to digital marketing makes online businesses also have many competitors. Look around you and you will realize that your competition is also implementing an SEO strategy.

Competition is getting tougher if your business is also classified as competitive. The competition includes the amount and quality of content, backlinks, search engine rankings, website speed, and more. This is what makes SEO strategies require quite a long time.

Therefore, SEO experts are here to observe the level of competition of your business, find the lack of competitors, and in what part, you can be better than them.

4. Need High-Quality Backlinks

One of the reasons SEO takes so long to see results is that high-quality backlinks require hard work. Hard work will not produce an instant. But remember that quality links will improve your SEO performance.

High-Quality Backlink Criteria

No High-Quality Backlink Criteria
1 Get from relevant and established websites
2 High domain authority (DA)
3 Mixture of dofollow dan nofollow  links 

5. Updated Algorithm

The search engine algorithm is always updated so each website must also adjust to maintain/improve its ranking in the search engine. The purpose of the algorithm update is to provide the highest quality and relevant results to users without spam. Google is aware of the latest trends and user behavior so they want to provide the best service for users. Therefore, the results of the SEO strategy/performance cannot be instant.

Benefits of Long-Term SEO

Though the process requires a long time, there are many SEO benefits that you can get in the long term, including:

  • Establish an audience. Every time someone reads an article on your website, you have a new member of the audience. The higher the quality of content on a website, the more potential traffic gained and more new audiences will come.
  • Attract visitors to your website. Because you have placed the website on the top search engine, more people will come and see your website.
  • Establish referral traffic. If you write high-quality articles, then you might find other sites that point to your website. These links are very beneficial for website ranking on search engines. This will make Google see that your content gets positive value from users.


Why does the website audit take a long time?

-Because the purpose of the audit is to find problems in every part of the website. If the number of pages on a website reaches thousands then it will certainly take a long time.

Why are quality links needed?

-Because a quality link is very important to increase the authority and ranking of the website.

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