As one of marketing channels, email marketing is very important for every kind of business. This marketing channel is more effective than any social media. Besides, it doesn’t need much budget because there are free email blast platforms. Email blast is not only sending or doing BCC email.  Technique and strategy are needed to make effective email blast so it can increase sales/conversion rate.

Email blast is marketing strategy at present. You can save time and energy to send email to all your contacts. What is email blast? How do you use email marketing service?

What is Email Blast?

Email blast is activity of sending email to many contacts at the same time. Mostly email blastings are used to marketing purpose so email service provider call their company as email marketing platform. You can’t use free email platform like Gmail for it cause huge quantity of emails must be sent.  Usual email service provider also don’t have any features such as audience segmentation, report, performance analysis.

Considered Things When Choose Email Blast Platform

1. Company Interest

You should know what your company want before choose email blast platform. Knowing campaign purpose through email is important because every email marketing service has different feature. You can choose email marketing platform which is most compatible with your needs so you aren’t wasting money for feature that you don’t need.

2. Free or Paid?

Some companies provides free email blast platform with limited features. For example MailChimp. MailChimp enables user to send email marketing maximal 12.000 emails per month for 2.000 subscribers or less than it. Meanwhile for paid version, every company usually give payment option every month or every year with various prices and features.

3. Email Template

Availability of email templates must be considered when choose email blast platform. With many option of email templates, you can make email more interesting and not boring to read.

4. Audience Segmentation

Email marketing audience segmentation can be set based on some aspects such as kind of consumer, consumer interest, consumer location or engagement. You must consider audience segmentation feature in order to you can send email in accordance with targeted audience.

 5. Available Email for Desktop and Mobile

Research by Forrester shows that 42% email marketing are opened via mobile device. You should ensure that platform provides easy to read email template on mobile device.

6. Customer Support

Is customer support available in email blast platform? This point must be considered when you choose email blast platform so you can solve as soon as possible whenever problem happens. Some email marketing platforms usually serve customer support to paid users only. Some platforms even provide professional support to user that need consulting  about email marketing.

7. Automatic Features

Automatic email feature enables users to send email automatically and can be customized with email receiver behavior. You can set to send automatic email when someone subscribe newsletter, when receiver didn’t open previous email or when email receiver don’t  click CTA on previous email. This feature availibility also must be checked so you can easily send email with different content to consumers with different behavior.

8. Email Marketing Analysis

After sending email marketing to potential consumer, you should evaluate campaign performance. You must know how many email receivers that open email, click link on email and unsubscribe newsletter. By doing it, you can analyze campaign success that you do via email. Some platforms serve analysis and free report.  Another platform require user to access this feature. So, you must be careful choosing platform based on your budget.

Email Blast Platform You Can Use

1. Kirim.Email

Kirim.Email is one of email blast platform that can be used to send many emails in on time. If you are running email marketing, Kirim.Email can help you to reach potential customer email. So, you can easily communicate with your potential customer. You can get all services that support your business with IDR 100K/month.

2. MailChimp

For small business owner with subscriber less than 2000, MailChimp give you free service. But you only can send maximal 12.000 emails per month. Free version MailChimp includes email template, audience segmentation, and email marketing performance report. If you feel that free version of this email still isn’t enough for you, MailChimp servers paid version with start price 10 USD/month.

3. Vertical Response

Vertical Response also give free email marketing service that can send 4000 email every month to maximal 300 recipients. This free version service includes email editor, best template for mobile devices, contact is management, automatic welcoming email, Facebook or Twitter sharing, report and analysis, HTML editor.

On free version, user hasn’t gotten customer support feature. Report and analysis on free version are also still limited. If user wants to get more complete feature so Vertical Response provides paid version service with start price 11 USD.

4. BenchMark

Benchmark also provide free version. It enables user to send maximal 14.000 emails every month to 2000 contacts. Some free feature from BenchMark are email design, responsive template, sign up form, RSS email campaign, management email delivery, google analytics tracking, management list and segmentation.

On free Benchmark, user get customer support feature but audience segmentation and automatic email feature are still limited. Paid version Benchmark start form 13.99 USD/month.

5. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaign also provides free version email maximum 12.000 email per month to 2000 receivers. On Zoho Campaign free version, users can access almost all email marketing features except automation marketing feature like automatic email based segmentation, calendar and based on report.  Paid version email marketing Zoho Campaign start from price 5 USD to 350 USD. You can choose paid version in accordance with amount of your email receiver.


What makes good email blast?

-Email blast object is making engagement, initiate action and collect response. You can make more on point CTA. Make design keep clean and focused and remember every elements on website shoud be able support your message.

Which days I should  send email blast?

-Best days sending email blast is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday is best day to send email marketing. Email that send this day will most opened, give best CTR and higher traffic.



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