In the digital era, websites are needed. More people are looking for information via the internet. This makes the website important for those who want to be well known. For example, a merchant who wants to sell merchandise or services can create a website to attract the attention of customers or prospective customers. Likewise, someone who wants to show a portfolio, then he must have a website that can show his skills. In addition, to attract potential customers, the website is also important for personal branding. Many companies prefer to look at the applicant’s website or social media rather than reading a CV.

So, have you realized the importance of having a website?

How to Create Websites

There are several steps you must take to create a website easily:

1. Determine the type of website that will be used for online stores, company profiles, portfolios, forums and so on

2. Prepare hosting and domain

3. Choosing a CMS (Content Management System)

4. Use Instant deploy to install the platform

5. Designing a website appearance (UI and UX design)

Determine the type of website you want to create

This first step is very important considering the purpose of the website must be determined. Do you want to create a website to sell, write a small or large-scale company profile, for a portfolio or personal branding needs, or for blogging that contains a lot of information?

Before creating a website, you must determine the type of website you want to make because this is very important for the next steps.

If you have determined the purpose of the website, you certainly know what you have to do, for example, you want to fill your website with what menus or what appearance.

Suppose you want to create a website for an online store. You have to design your website where your customers can choose the products you sell, choose the size and color, order to pay. You need to learn how to create an online store website.

Or you want to create a website to do personal branding as an author. You can fill your website with a portfolio of writing that you have ever made. You can adjust the website design to your taste. You can also specify what content you want to enter. Thus, you can introduce your writing portfolio to people who will use your services or companies that will recruit you.

Meanwhile, if you want to create a company profile, you can enter your company profile or your client’s. You can enter information about the type of company, the company’s portfolio or how to work with the company. Don’t forget to include contact information so clients don’t have trouble contacting you. You need to learn how to create a company website.

Creating a website in the past is not as easy as now …

Did you know that creating a website in the past was not as easy as now? Yes. It makes people in the past very lazy to create their website. Besides, many people are constrained by slow internet access, none is handling the website, and still unfamiliar with the programming language.

Everything can be done as long as you want to try such making a website. There are easy ways that are now widely known and there are also difficult ways that make many people lazy to make a website. A website is made from a programming language that is arranged very neatly and placed in hosting. New, we can access it through a domain.

Need For Deep Understanding Programming Languages

Various programming languages can be used to create a website. Some of these programming languages include Java, Python, PHP, GoLang, and Javascript.

Which is the best of some of these programming languages? This question is rather difficult to answer because every programming language has advantages and disadvantages. A website requires a web server and a web browser. Web server is usually used to process code in a website. While the web browser is used to view the results of the code that has been processed. Most websites in the world use the PHP programming language on the server-side. Javascript programming language is widely used on the client-side.

Using HTML and CSS

Because the website will be seen by many people, the appearance of the website must be made as well as possible. To improve the appearance of the website, you need Markup Language and Site Element. Most of the Markup Language used is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) while the Site Element that is most widely used in CSS. The use of HTML is quite complicated so you need to learn how to create an HTML website.

Tools for Website Development

Some of the things that have been explained above are the “components” of making a website. In addition to the programming language described above, you also need Website Development Tools or tools for website development. What is meant by website development? Website development aims to create website functions and characteristics that allow a website to interact with visitors.

There are several tools needed

1. Text Editor

Text editor is used to writing the website programming language. This text editor is used to write the programming language and syntax. For those of you who are just looking at programming languages, the first impression that comes to your mind certainly looks strange, complicated and even makes you feel confused. If there is a text editor, then it’s easier for you to write a programming language. Several text editors provide plugins can help you do the coding. Several text editors are most often used and free such as Atom, Vim, and Notepad ++. For beginners, you can also use Sublime Text. The text editor is very helpful for beginners.

2. Web Server

Beginners who are learning how to create a website usually don’t want to deal directly with the server. They tend to use local servers or local hosts. The developers are certainly familiar with the names of MySQL, Localhost, LAMPP, MAMP, or Apache. That is some term related to a web server. A web server is a computer system that processes HTTP requests. A software is needed for the web server so that the program or website can run on your laptop. Let’s just say the website wants to be built on Localhost so that it can only be run on localhost. To get online and run anywhere, you need a Hosting.

3. Using LAMPP and XAMPP

You can use XAMPP for Windows and LAMPP for Linux. For Mac users, you can use MAMP. Everything will help you with the server-side matters. The three servers include Apache HTTP Server for a web server, MySQL for database processing, PHP and Perl for server-side programming languages. If you want to do coding, you can click the “start” button.

Well, those are some basic ways to create a website. If you already understand it, you can go back to learning about the framework. Web Framework is a software that is used to build a website application. Web framework provides a standard framework, library and function automation on a website. Your work will be easier and faster with this web framework. Because there is already routing and function. And just need to adjust to the website you are building.

Several frameworks are widely used in the world such as AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Lavarel, Spring and Vue.Js. The PHP programming language usually uses the Lavarel framework, while Java uses Spring and Javascript using AngularJS.

If Still Confused and Don’t Like the Programming Language…

If you are not a programmer or developer, you can still create a professional website like a reliable programmer. That is good news!

You may feel you still don’t understand even if you have learned various programming languages. Indeed there are many tutorials that you can learn, but learning programming languages ​​is not easy and not everyone can.

If you feel you can not master the programming language even though you have learned, you only need to think about one thing, namely creating your own website. You can use Instant Deploy.

There are many ways to create a website. There are easy ways and there are also complicated ways. If you want a complicated method, then try the methods that have been explained above. But if you want an easy way, you can do it by automatically installing CMS.

CMS is an information system that focuses on content. So, you can download CMS, install and customize as on a regular website. You don’t have to be a programming language to make a website. There is CMS technology that makes it easy to create websites, especially for beginners. You only need to prepare content, images and everything you want to put on the website.

Difference Between CMS and Web Framework

Web Framework only provides a standard framework, library, and automation functions to create a website. One must really understand the programming language, framework, and routing of the web framework. A web framework cannot be built into a website without a programmer or website. Whereas CMS is an information system that is ready and does not need to be coded so that everyone can install and manage CMS.

If you don’t want to be complicated, then you can use CMS. You don’t need to build a website from scratch. You only need to download, install CMS and customize as desired. CMS usually has complete features so that you can change the appearance and set various themes/templates that you can use.

To create a website/blog, you can use WordPress and Joomla. How to make a WordPress website can be found easily on the internet.

To create an online store, you can use Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart.

To create an e-learning website, you can use Moodle. You can use it when learning how to create a school website.

The power of CMS is in the content of your website. If you have chosen CMS, then you should think about the content well.

What is Hosting and Domain?

The illustration that makes you more understand hosting and domains is as follows. The website can be considered as a building. The building is made on land that has been evaluated/printed. This land is called hosting. Then, how about the domain? A domain is the address of the building (website) made on land plots. The domain will refer to the building (website) that is set up on land plots (hosting).

For websites that need more space, you can choose to use VPS (Virtual Private Server).

The Website is Ready. What Should You Do?

Now, suppose your website is finished and can be accessed by many people. Is everything OK? Not yet. You still need to install SSL to protect your website! SSL will protect your website from the risk of data theft on the website.

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