Feeds are an essential part of Instagram that every business Instagram account owner should pay attention to. When Instagram users visit an online shop profile to see the products offered, they can see the feed display or posts in the form of many thumbnails, so you have to arrange the appearance of the feed to make it look neat.

An attractive feed display will make your Instagram visitors want to learn more about each content in the Instagram feed. In addition, a neatly arranged feed display can also help improve the quality of your brand and even increase customer confidence to buy products offered through the Instagram feed.

To find interesting Instagram feed display ideas, you can research the appearance of other online shop Instagram feeds and learn various feed concepts that can attract the audience’s attention at first glance when opening an Instagram profile. You can find multiple online shops with feed displays that are not only neat but also creative and even present an aesthetic concept.

In this article, Core Freelancers will provide information on creating an attractive Instagram feed display to increase the sales of an ongoing online shop.

What is Instagram Feeds?

In the past, the Instagram feed feature was only used to upload single photos or videos with a duration of 15 seconds. However, the development of various existing features can make Instagram users upload many images in one post, upload videos with a maximum time of only 1 minute, or serve as IG TV.

The latest features in the Instagram feed must be utilized as well as possible so that the audience does not get bored with the content presented through your Instagram online shop.

How to Create an Instagram Online Shop Feed

How to create an attractive and creative Instagram feed online shop to attract the attention of Instagram users to buy the products presented through you? Here are some ways to make an online shop Instagram feed, including:

1. Deciding on an Instagram Feed Theme

Making the Instagram feed online shop look attractive is to determine the theme first. Almost every business Instagram account has an Instagram feed theme which is essential to highlight the identity of the brand you have. You can determine the theme of the Instagram feed according to what identity you want to highlight to Instagram users.

With the existence of an identity formed through the appearance of the Instagram feed, the audience will recognize your Instagram online shop more efficiently. They can even immediately recognize your Instagram without reading the username that appears on the timeline.

2. Creating a Moodboard Through Photo Editing Apps

The moodboard can be used to create an Instagram feed display with the same color or atmosphere. Actually, what is a moodboard? Moodboard is a composition of images or visuals that is made to know what the concept of the Instagram feed will look like in the future.

Moodboard is form of mock-up or overview of the Instagram feed appearance according to pre-defined theme. By creating a moodboard, you can see and choose what kind of Instagram feed you want or which one is suitable for use as an online shop Instagram feed display. You can find examples of moodboards on other Instagram online shops or look for them on other websites like Pinterest.

There are various tools for creating moodboards, such as websites or the Canva app. In Canva, they usually already present several templates that content creators can directly use to create moodboards.

Create various moodboard options to determine the best Instagram feed concept according to the brand identity that is built. That’s why the idea of your Instagram feed is more mature and consistent. It will keep the audience interested.

Benefits of Instagram for Business

NoBenefits of Instagram for Business Marketing
1Very popular platform
2Stands out for visuals
3Has a wide range
4Allows you to advertise to potential customers
5Provide support to local businesses
6Giving commission to users

3. Highlighting Existence

Business Instagram feeds always highlight consistency to make the audience recognize and remember the identity of a business Instagram. Therefore, if you want to run an online shop via Instagram, prioritize consistency to provide an attractive and neat Instagram feed appearance.

This consistency can be obtained in various ways. For example, if you use a clean Instagram feed concept by displaying product photos with a monochrome background added to the headline, make sure all content is created with the same idea to highlight consistency.

Judging from the previous discussion points, we suggest you decide on a theme and create a moodboard first to create a neat and attractive look for your Instagram feed. In addition, you can also play with ambient colors, such as using color filters to make the visuals look warmer and so on.

To get a consistent Instagram feed appearance, you can use several editing tools and save presets that can be used repeatedly when editing the image you want to upload to Instagram, like VSCO. Suppose you only take advantage of the photo editing features provided by Instagram. In that case, the resulting photos may look inconsistent because there is no preset storage feature for photo editing.

4. Uploading High-Resolution Images

You should note that when uploading an image to Instagram, make sure that the image has a high resolution. You should know that content with low resolution will make the content not visible when it is in the thumbnail position on the Instagram feed.

There are several Instagram feeds with broken content displays. The appearance of such an Instagram feed will make the audience feel lazy to find out more about the content you present, so they may just leave and look for a more interesting Instagram online shop.

Therefore, make sure you upload high-resolution images so that the feed looks more attractive and neat. Audiences will be interested in exploring your Instagram online shop and seeing what products are presented on Instagram.

5. Using a matching background-color

You should also use a matching background color to create a consistent and uncluttered Instagram feed. Using a matching background color does not mean that you always have to use only one color in every Instagram content post.

Displaying Instagram feeds with the same background color will give a monotonous effect so that the audience doesn’t want to be on your Instagram for long. You can take photos by playing with the color palette, which visual designers usually use to create creative designs that can attract attention.

6. Set Design Visual Composition

In addition, another thing that must be done to make the Instagram feed online shop look attractive is to adjust the composition and design of the content. You have to pay attention to the placement of the headline and the product image to be seen even in thumbnail size on the Instagram feed display.

In managing the composition of visual designs, especially for Instagram online shops, you can focus on product images sold for around 85% and the rest for writing, such as headlines or product descriptions. Thus, the audience will immediately know what products are being sold. If they are interested in a product displayed on their Instagram feed, they will directly open the product to look for additional information such as product names and prices.


What is an Instagram feed post?

-Instagram feed is Instagram homepage news that contains posts in the form of photos or videos that have been uploaded by users that we follow on Instagram.

Why should you choose Instagram?

-Instagram offers many features that can be used for socialization as well as a place to showcase products. This social media based on images and short videos is very effective in attracting the attention of users by using unique photos and unique videos.


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