Email marketing is an online marketing strategy that is quite widely used in various businesses. But measuring the success rate of email marketing is sometimes still somewhat confusing.

Yes, one way to measure the success rate of email marketing is to see the number of people who open the email you send (email open rate) and the number of people who clicked on the email (click-through rate). Both can give you information on whether your email marketing strategy is effective.

But the click-through rate is very dependent on the open email rate. Someone can’t possibly click on a link in an email if they haven’t opened the email, right?

How to Make Email Marketing

No How to Make Email Marketing
1 List of Emails that Always Update
2 Segmentation of Email Lists
3 Avoiding Spam Filters
4 Send an Email at the Right Time
5 Send high-quality emails

Definition of Open Rates Email

Most people assume that open rate e-mail is only the number of people who open the e-mail you send or when someone logs into their e-mail account and reads e-mail sent to you.

However, email open rates are only calculated if:

  • The recipient clicks on the link in the email
  • Readers choose to display images in your e-mail in preview mode or in full e-mail

1. Updating the Email List

You certainly have an email list or email customer list if you already have an email marketing plan. For your open email rate to increase, you must ensure that your e-mail list indeed contains emails belonging to active customers. Customer emails that are no longer active or rarely interacting should be deleted.

Before you delete the emails that are no longer active customers from the email list, you can send an email and ask them if they still want to be included in your email list.

Another way to ensure that your e-mail list is filled with active customers is by sending an e-mail to ask if they want to update information. Let them choose for themselves whether they want to receive emails from you.

2. Segmentation of Email Lists

Someone opens the e-mail usually because the e-mail content is following their needs or desires. A study says that segmenting an email list can guarantee the success of email marketing. 39% of marketers who segmented email lists had higher email open rates

By segmenting email lists, you will send different types of emails between people who have bought something from your website and people who have never shopped on your website.

You can segment with various categories such as product types or locations. If there are newsletter subscribers who subscribe to get attachments on a topic, you can segment email based on that topic. You can send emails about topics they like. Thus, people have the potential to open the email you send.

3. Avoiding Spam Filters

Spam filters are indeed better at filtering incoming emails into the inbox. But there are still emails that can go into spam folders.

To maximize your email marketing, make sure your email is free from various things that can cause the email is considered spam.

So that your email is not marked as spam, you must ensure that your IP address has never been used to send spam email, send it with a domain that has been verified, do not use the words sales, and do not use clickbait. Also, make it easy for your customers if they want to unsubscribe from email.

4. Send an Email at the Right Time

People sometimes underestimate the time of sending an email even though this is very influential in ensuring that the recipient will open the email that you sent or not. To determine the right time to send an email, you can do A / B testing or split testing.

Split testing is done by comparing two versions of a website to see which website has better performance. Websites that provide higher conversion rates are the best. You can also send emails at two different times. You can see which results have a higher rate of open email rates and also high click through rates.

Research shows that in addition to time, type of content, age, location, and profession of the recipient also has a big influence on the level of open email rates. The results of this study are reasonable. These factors affect when someone will read the email and what kind of email they will read.

Especially if the email sent is related to their work, they will, of course, open the email even during working hours. Research also states that the best time to send an email is on a normal day.

5. Send high-quality emails

The email content is one of the things that determine open rates. If the customer is satisfied when reading the contents of your newsletter then they might open the email that you sent after that. Customers may be waiting for an email from you.

If customers are not satisfied or happy with your email then they will not open your email again or even unsubscribe.

Some things that you can implement so that customers feel happy with your email content are by attaching useful resources such as e-books, webinars, or even links that point to your website.

In essence, think about how the quality of the email content that you send. Every time you send an email, make sure that the content of your email is valuable to the recipient. If you send high-quality content to customers, your email customers can become loyal customers. Your open rates and click-through rates can also increase.


How can we prevent the email marketing that we send is considered spam?

Send an email through your IP address that has never been used to send spam email, send it with a domain that has been verified, do not use the words sales, and do not use clickbait.

What factors affect open email rates?

Delivery time, quality of content, age, location of the recipient, and type of work of the recipient.

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