Social media branding is something that all business owners must do today. Social media has a steadily increasing number over the past few years. Statistics show that more than 70% of people are active social media users in Indonesia. Product sales through social media also show promising statistics. 8 out of 10 people decide to buy an item because they have seen it on their respective social media.

As a business owner, what can be done to improve the social media branding of your business?

What is Social Media Branding?

Many people identify branding with a logo. But branding is broader than that. Branding is how a person perceives a product, business or even a personality. The purpose of branding is to ensure that the perception of others is by your wishes. You certainly don’t want someone to misunderstand your product, business, or personality. For that, branding must be done.

Social media branding is branding that is done through social media. Along with the platform’s development, social media is also the best land to be used as a place to market your business.

Social Media Branding Tips

Some tips for improving business social media branding include:

1. Consistent on All Platforms

Brand building doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes several years to make your brand famous and requires a lot of dedication. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even a blog website, wherever your brand appears, it must be integrated with your brand identity. Consistent with the colours, graphics, style of language or even the frequency of uploaded content.

This consistency includes creating content regularly, for example, behind the scenes, customer testimonials or information about the products/services offered. You also have to help interact with followers. Interaction can be shown by replying to incoming messages, responding to suggestions, and answering customer questions.

2. Logo Design That Matches Brand Character

A good logo is the anchor of a brand. The design must be able to represent the philosophy of the brand. It will make it easier for those unfamiliar with the brand or potential customers to understand what you are trying to convey. Consider what your brand represents and doesn’t and incorporate that into the design.

3. Use Colors That Can Express Expression

Colour can be used to give personality and meaning to a brand. Using powerful colours can help increase the brand’s appeal to its target audience. It would be best if you were consistent with the colours that exist on all media platforms, both online and offline, to ensure a professional and unified look.

4. Paying Attention to Language Style and Intonation

The product or service coupled with the target audience’s demographics will determine the voice and style of the brand on social media. Think of a brand as a person. Consider what kind of language to use. Describe your age, gender, interests, and personality to help you imagine how the brand speaks.

  • Intonation: Describe what and how the brand will communicate online. Is your brand casual or formal?
  • Style: What type of language will brands use online? Trendy brands may use more slang, or niche brands may use more acronyms and industry-specific terminology.
  • Goal: Identify the main reasons your brand is on social media. Do you want to provide education or entertainment?

Make SOP about your brand intonation and style to avoid inconsistency and miscommunication.

5. Relatable

When it comes to social media, the proven successful method is being relatable or talking like you’re chatting. Avoid rigid style of language and become more relaxed. Answer questions from your followers. Don’t be afraid to use colloquial language. Talking like a human with personality will make the brand more relatable and go viral.

Advantages of Social Media Branding

NoAdvantages of Social Media Branding
124/7 accessibility
2Cheap and efficient
3Increase website visits
4Build brand awareness
5Better customer service
6Increase organic traffic

6. Content Conducts Two-Way Interaction

Focus on building a two-way relationship with customers by chatting, interacting and showing concern. Don’t just sell products. Genuine two-way communication is critical because people have to trust a brand. Respect will appear here.

7. Do Interesting Storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? Storytelling is a natural human talent. Telling someone else can have a powerful effect on getting them interested because it will allow listeners to turn the story into their ideas and experiences. In the same way, a brand or picture of ​​a brand can be made more attractive by combining them. Involve customers in your brand’s story, and they will buy your product automatically.

8. Transparent

Transparency is the cornerstone of long-term relationships. In the same way, giving the customer a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes can prove vital in building a healthy relationship.

9. Uploading Relevant Content

You have to be relatable so that customers are interested in your product. Therefore, you must post relevant content. It’s better to keep up with the times, learn what’s trending on the internet right now, what’s being talked about and so on.

10. Create Visual Content

People on social media prefer to engage with visual content. 40% of social media users will respond better to visual content than plain text content. For example, a tweet with an image will get 150% more retweets than one without a picture, whereas a Facebook post with a vision can generate 2.3 times more engagement than a post without an image. The human brain is much faster at processing visual information than information in a text.

Visual images communicate ideas in a faster way. Visual can be understood in a second, visuals can be understood, while text takes time to be processed and read.

11. Leveraging Influencers

Building branding cannot be done because customers and potential customers will lose interest if it is not carefully planned. Especially when building a brand on social media, the speed of information can be a double-edged knife. Another tip to improve branding is to take advantage of influencers. Audiences are easier to believe or be influenced if they hear directly from other people, especially their favourite influencer or character.

Social media can be an excellent tool for increasing an online presence, but this type of marketing can make it difficult to compete since many brands are doing it. Make sure to use social media as a marketing tool for your brand and stand out and keep customers interested.


What is branding?

-Branding is the process of disseminating a brand that starts with introducing information about the product to the public. A brand is a trademark known by its name or logo design.

Why is digital branding so important?

-In addition to attracting new potential customers in the online business, digital branding is also considered effective for increasing awareness about a product. Understanding is essential when you have a brand or product but are not too well known.

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