Along with the development of technology, especially in the era of digital marketing as it is today, many people want to dive into the world of digital marketing. Everyone who has a career in the world of digital marketing must follow every progress and development that exists to adapt with market conditions. But it’s a good idea to equip yourself with qualified digital marketing skills.

Before discussing the skills needed, there is no harm in thoroughly discussing what is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is a marketing effort that uses internet devices with various marketing strategies and digital media where you can communicate with potential customers who spend time online.

There are several accesses for potential consumers to view your offers such as blogs, websites, social media (Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, and so on). From these various accesses, they will communicate with you.

Must-have Digital Marketing Skills

1. Market Analysis

Analyzing the market is the basis of a marketer’s job. If a marketer does not know the market, especially does not understand competitors and buyers then it can make their work in vain. Therefore, the ability in market analysis becomes a much-needed marketing skill. Various technologies already support this capability. One of them is Mixpanel. This platform helps marketers to get various information they need based on buyer analysis to how someone decides to buy a product.

2. Research

A measurable public habit makes the research a necessary marketing skill. With research skills, marketers will always consider their decisions carefully. The research process for a marketer can be done for any activity and at any time. Starting from how to interact with buyers online to determine the best time to do market analysis.

3. Understanding Customer Experience

User experience or customer experience refers to conditions when sellers and buyers interact. The user experience is divided into three sessions, namely user interaction, customer journey, and user experience. This need is very mandatory for marketers to understand because all three play a very large role in the company. To support the work in this section, some marketers choose to use tools.

4. Story Telling

The changing times have forced many companies to change the way they promote. If in the past promotional activities were carried out directly, the process is now turning into persuasive or what is commonly called storytelling. This process puts forward promotions, whether through photos, videos, or writings that indirectly create closeness with potential users. With closeness, trust will appear which will affect the purchase.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the main tool for a marketer. The ability to bring in and be seen by many people makes it a great choice for a marketer in marketing products and services. However, the very broad capabilities that make the use of social media must be balanced with knowledge. This is because social media has different types of users. To take advantage of it, a different strategy is needed.

6. Understand SEO Principles

One of the main skills in a career in digital marketing is knowing the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As the name implies, SEO is used to optimize the position of our website on search engines. For starters, you should know how keywords function in increasing website traffic. Therefore, you should look for keywords with a high search volume. There are many websites that you can use to do keyword research, such as KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and many others.

If you have deep knowledge and experience in SEO, you can start a career in digital marketing as an SEO specialist.

Advantages of Digital Marketing in Business

NoAdvantages of Digital Marketing in Business
1Save more on promotion costs
2Reach a wider target market
3Help increase sales
4Build good communication with customers
5Faster and more accurate data

7. Writing Skills

Another thing that is no less important in starting a career in digital marketing is the ability to write commonly known as copywriting and content writing. The more quality the content and the more interesting the way it is delivered, this will certainly attract some readers who are looking for the theme. This writing ability will not just appear.

Therefore, you should start as early as possible. In addition to getting used to reading, several ways are by creating a personal blog and writing down ideas or stories that you have. Submitting articles to the media can also help you sharpen this important skill. If you feel superior in your writing skills, then you can start your career as a content writer.

8. Psychology

Many companies are now deciding to hire psychologists in the marketing department. The reason is to apply a cognitive bias in the company’s marketing activities. Currently, several companies are starting to use EEG (Electroencephalography) tools to measure the impact of some advertisements or landing pages on brain activity. An EEG is a device for recording electrical activity along the scalp.

9. Content Marketing

Content is at the core of digital marketing and content marketing will continue to be an important part of this field. But content marketing itself is a big job. You must be able to understand how not only to create high-quality, SEO-friendly content but also have to understand how to properly engage your audience.

To make things a little more challenging, it’s important to note that content takes many forms from videos, emails, website content, blogs, ebooks, videos, whitepapers, and so on.

You should also have a solid understanding of social media marketing as this will tie up most types of content marketing work. You must be able to create strategies based on overarching business objectives, develop campaigns that involve effective strategies, and monitor analytics.

10. Data Analysis with Google Analytics

A skill that cannot be separated from the world of digital marketing is the ability to analyze data or data analytics. This ability is very important to have, considering the data available when you work as a digital marketer will be very abundant. The tool commonly used in digital marketing is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides various information related to the activity of a website. With Google Analytics, you can find out data related to session duration, pages per session to bounce rate, and others. Based on the data provided, you can also find out the behavior or habits of your website visitors and can set strategies to increase conversions on your website.

If you feel that you are suitable for analyzing data, then you can work as a data analyst!

11. Fast Learner

Developments and dynamics in digital marketing take place very quickly. This happens because the various tools, platforms, and media used in digital marketing activities are increasing and changing in a fast time. The various tools and platforms are also growing every day.

Therefore, a digital marketer must be a fast learner. Adaptability is needed so that you can know not only changes in tools and platforms but also changes in consumer behavior. You also have to continue to add skills to improve your quality as a reliable digital marketer.

12. Good Listener

A soft skill that must be possessed by those of you who want to have a career in digital marketing is the ability to be a good listener. Your ability to explore consumer wants and needs will be further honed not only by knowing information about the behavior of your website visitors but also by knowing their complaints through a short survey that you can provide on the website or via email.

By being a good listener, you can improve the quality of your products according to consumer suggestions or diversify your products so that your opportunity to get a broad consumer profile becomes more open.


What is digital marketing?

-Digital marketing is a promotional activity, both to promote a brand, product, or service using digital media.

How to do digital marketing?

-Determining the target market and product choices, choosing the product that is the best solution, building a website, building social media, using SEO, SEM, and social media ads.

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