The use of social media now is not only for posting photos or videos. Social media is also used to sell products owned by businesses. One of the most influential social media on the sale of a business’s products is Instagram. Instagram is one of the social media that has a big and important influence on a business.

Instagram already has 700 million users. Every day, 60 million photos are shared and can get 1.6 billion likes. Instagram is the most popular application used to share photos and videos. This is one of the reasons why Instagram has many benefits for business people to build and develop business brands.

Most likely you will be wondering how to use Instagram to support your business. The following is an Instagram marketing strategy that can be used for your business needs.

Successful Instagram Marketing Tips and Strategies

By using a business account, you need to develop a marketing plan to build a strong community and see concrete results for your business. Your strategy should include the following points:

1. Pay Attention to Content Upload Time

One of the things to do with regards to posting time is to have regular posting times without bothering your followers with excessive updates. One way that can be done to choose a schedule is to do the test at different times and see the results. Which post has the highest engagement?

After you see the most appropriate time, you should enter the time in the content calendar or editorial calendar to schedule the time of your Instagram posts.

2. Determining the Theme of Content

Choosing content with different themes will help businesses ensure that your customers will not be bored with your content. Also, different content can help you achieve different goals. For example, the school’s Instagram account certainly has the goal of increasing brand awareness and finding new students. Content themes can revolve around contests, alumni stories, and campus life as the main content themes.

3. Create Content Guidelines

Instagram brands should have their style to distinguish their accounts from other brands so that the brand can be memorable.

Try making guidelines for your Instagram posts: do you want to use emojis in your captions? Do you want to use formal or informal language for your captions? Would you like to use illustrations for your posts? These style guidelines should help you make your Instagram account distinct, consistent, and memorable.

4. Create Engagement Guidelines for Replying to Messages and Comments

This guideline was created to determine how your business should interact with other accounts on Instagram, from liking and commenting on other account photos to responding to various comments that enter your business Instagram account.

5. Use a Consistent Visual Style

A study of visuals on social media found that 60% of well-known brands use the same filter on every post. By using the same filter on all your photos, your business Instagram account will have a style that is easily recognizable by your followers. Because one of your goals in using Instagram is to get likes and comments.

The more easily recognizable your photos are, the more likely your followers will like and comment on your photos. To help you create consistent visuals, you can use editing applications like VSCOcam and Enhance. Both of these apps provide filters and editing options that can help you find a style that fits your brand.

Benefits of Instagram for Your Business

NoBenefits of Instagram for Your Business
1Easily promote products and services with the help of various built-in Instagram filters
2Opportunity to reach a wider audience and have never known your brand
3Increase your business sales figures
4Optimizing your brand’s online visibility
5Build and strengthen good relationships with customers
6Get to know your customers better

6. Use Branded Hashtags

Although Instagram prioritizes visuals, there are non-visual elements that need to be added to the Instagram brand, such as caption styles. One popular technique is branded hashtags. This doesn’t mean just using your company name as a hashtag. You can also create hashtags that symbolize and present your brand and encourage your followers to share photos according to that hashtag.

7. Recognizing the Identity of Followers

Your business will not succeed on Instagram by simply copying the strategies of other brands. A strategy that works for one brand will not necessarily work for a financial institution or non-profit organization. Pay attention to your audience and make sure you cater to their interests and desires. See what’s working for your business on other social networks, what content your audience is sharing on Instagram, and how they interact with competitors or similar brands.

8. Creative Thinking

Take pictures, add filters, and post. These three steps are indeed the basic steps in using Instagram. It might have worked when Instagram was still in its early stages but the platform has changed a lot and today offers many opportunities for businesses to share interesting types of content.

9. Use Captions in Every Post

Instagram may contain visually appealing content but don’t overlook the captions that accompany each photo. Captions provide a great opportunity for your business to tell a story. Instagram captions allow you to expand your image, provide context and even make your followers feel happy.

10. Use the Album Feature on Posts

Instagram may contain eye-catching visual content but don’t overlook the captions that accompany each photo. Captions provide a great opportunity for your business to tell a story.

Instagram captions allow you to expand your image, provide context, and even build your following.


What is Instagram Marketing?

-Instagram marketing is a way to use Instagram to optimally carry out marketing activities, whether for online business, personal, personal branding or social activities.

Why should you use Instagram Marketing?

-Instagram marketing is important because you can help find out the latest trends that are happening in the market. We can find out what online marketing strategies are being used by competitors or other companies to advance their business.

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