Are you planning on creating YouTube content but having trouble finding ideas? The content creator has become a profession that has recently become popular, so many new names have emerged to become popular YouTube influencers. This is because more and more people are accessing YouTube so that YouTube can be a potential marketing communication.

Usually, the income earned by YouTube content creators comes from 2 things, the first is through advertisements that appear on videos or are placed on the sidelines of videos. The second comes from brand endorsements that want to introduce their products through videos. Given that many people access YouTube, the endorsement opportunity is also greater.

To maximize these 2 sources of income, content creators or YouTubers must continue to increase the number of video subscribers, viewers, likes, and comments. That’s why the idea of ​​preparing YouTube content must be really interesting. The idea for YouTube content that is presented should be content that is in high demand and much sought after by viewers.

How to Create Interesting YouTube Content for Beginners

For beginners, creating engaging YouTube content may require some deep brainstorming. Several things must be done as follows:

1. Making Research and Building a Plan

The first step to take is to think about the purpose and concept of your YouTube content. By knowing the concept and purpose of the content, it will be easier for you to make decisions about what the video will look like. Therefore, you must make research and planning that is structured. Here are some tips you can try:

  • Find out about competitors and learn about the strategies they use
  • Make scripts and storyboards so that the videos you make can be packaged well
  • Keyword research by looking for keywords that are popular or trending
  • Know where the video was shot, whether in the studio or outdoors
  • Looking for a tone that matches the theme of your YouTube channel

2. Preparing Recording Equipment

Prepare whatever tools are needed for recording, from cameras to devices for mixing and audio. Without these tools, you certainly will not be able to make a video that can be enjoyed by many people.

Some tips for this step include:

  • Make sure you match the editing software used and master it
  • Use simple tools, don’t buy. Cell phone cameras are now sufficient.
  • Find a good lighting source, you can use a place with good lighting or camera lighting
  • Do an audio test, make sure that your voice actually enters using the mic and is finally recorded

3. Optimize Your Video

Not only blog content must be optimized to make it more SEO-friendly, it turns out that YouTube content must also be optimized. YouTube has its own SEO. If your content is in accordance with YouTube’s SEO, then it is likely that the content will easily appear on the first page of the search.

Here are some tips for optimizing your YouTube videos:

  • Enter your found keywords into the description column
  • Look for keywords that are well-known on YouTube and related to your video
  • Use these keywords in the title and make a very attractive title
  • Use tags to make it easier for YouTube to find

4. Creative Thinking

Your videos must be very creative and attractive so that they have the potential to get a large audience. How to? Here are some interesting tips:

  • Share videos to social media or email
  • Install thumbnails that are not excessive and eye-catching
  • Post your video on the website
  • Upload a teaser on your social media

How to Create Viral YouTube Content

NoHow to Create Viral YouTube Content
1Get to know your audience
2The concept of the video must be interesting and useful
3Use titles and thumbnails that make people curious
4Gunakan hashtag agar video semakin trending
5Insert the link of the previous video into the new video
6Set a schedule for uploading videos

Interesting YouTube Content Ideas

You have to determine which type of content you will create with the many types of content available. Your Youtube channel should not display all these types of content. It would be better if you could focus on one or a maximum of 3 types of content. The goal is to increase the interest of other people who want to subscribe to your channel. Here is some interesting YouTube content that has the potential to be of interest to many viewers:

1. Niche Tutorial Edit

The idea of ​​Youtube content that is widely liked today is editing tutorials ranging from editing videos, photos, word tutorials, excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and so on. This content idea doesn’t require you to show a face. The most important thing is the tutorial you provide. You can make it by recording the screen on a laptop, computer, or only on an Android phone.

For the description, you can use the help text. You can also choose what application you want to show the tutorial for. Make sure you choose popular applications that are widely used such as Adobe, Filmorago, KineMaster, and so on.

2. Explanation Video

This video is more widely known as a content format that offers fast consumption as its main advantage. Therefore, explanatory videos are one of the most popular YouTube content ideas among YouTubers. Audiences on YouTube usually look for explanatory videos every time they access the site. This is because they need a quick and no-nonsense explanation from a trusted party.

Due to their popularity, explainer videos with easy-to-understand presentations are popular as a shortcut to increasing views and engagement. One of the explanation video ideas favored by the audience is a full explanation related to the famous film plot.

3. Video Review

Another powerful YouTube content idea to grab an audience’s attention is video reviews. Reviews or reviews serve as social proof of public opinion related to a product or service. These videos can be used by audiences to find TV series, books, or new products with very high quality. By sharing your experiences and perceptions, you can help others who are interested in the subject and influence their buying decisions.

Some video reviews that usually have a high level of engagement are reviews of films, books, beauty products, games, and smartphones.

4. Meme Compilation Videos

The challenges for novice YouTubers are inadequate technical skills and a lack of quality editing tools. However, you can make up for this shortcoming by creating simple but interesting YouTube content ideas. This type of video is sought after by the audience to release fatigue in a short time. To be more specific, you can provide a compilation of memes for certain themes such as memes about WFH.

5. Reaction Videos

If you’re looking for trending content on YouTube, then the answer is video reaction. This YouTube content idea is known to be very effective at increasing the number of views and channel engagement. The reason is, the reactions and opinions of YouTubers in the video will indirectly invite the audience to participate in the comments column. Some popular reaction video ideas include short reaction videos on TikTok.

6. DIY (Do It Yourself) Videos

The advantage of YouTube is as a content format that offers fast consumption and explanation. DIY or do-it-yourself videos can be great YouTube content ideas. These types of videos are usually highly sought after by audiences who are saving money and don’t want to spend money on certain products. In addition, DIY videos are also very suitable for content creators who want to show their creativity and crafting abilities.



What is the salary of a YouTuber who is still a beginner?

-The average income of a novice YouTuber reaches 18 US Dollars or around Rp. 245 thousand for 1000 video views. This number, of course, can change as trends develop on YouTube.

How many subscribers to earn money?

-Get a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of valid public watch time.


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