In creating a blog, you are free to fill it with whatever content you like. But it would be better if you focus on one particular topic or niche blog. You may be wondering, why should you focus on one particular topic? There are several promising niche blog recommendations for you. What are some promising blog niche recommendations? Check out the following explanation.

What is a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is a specific theme or topic for a blog. By choosing a niche blog, you only need to create various content on the same topic. There are no rules that require the blog owner to discuss certain topics specifically. But several advantages can be obtained if you apply a niche blog:

  • More Focused – a niche blog can make you focus more on a particular topic so it doesn’t expand to various topics. It can make you more consistent in writing a blog.
  • Can be Known as an Expert in the Field – by creating a niche blog, you can become an expert on a certain topic and be used as a reference by many people.
  • Easier to Monetize Ad Owners – If the blog is already known as an expert and is used as a reference for many people, then many products want to monetize or endorse your blog.
  • Increase Ad CTR – Ads that are relevant to your blog’s niche will be clicked by more visitors so you can earn more money.

Profitable Niche Blog Recommendations

What are the blog niches that should be taken? If you don’t know, then you don’t have to worry. Several niches are profitable for you. What are they? Here are recommendations for profitable blog niches for you:

1. Finance

Money matters cannot be taken lightly. Many people need information and knowledge about the world of finance ranging from business, investment, financial management, e-money, and so on. Search trends with the keywords “investment” and “business opportunity” tend to be stable in several years. Financial topics can also reach all people from workers, parents to business owners. This financial topic can be a niche blog that is crowded with visitors.

You can discuss many things about finance in this niche, for example about how to manage finances, how to start an online business, tips to be consistent in saving, and many others.

If you choose a finance blog niche, then you can work with various financial products such as digital wallets, online trading, business consulting, online business ebooks, to applications.

If you have an interest and expertise in finance, then this niche blog is perfect for you.

2. Culinary

Culinary connoisseurs usually need information about culinary on the internet. Culinary-related keywords have a large volume every year. Culinary trends that exist in Indonesia can be used as a niche blog that has the potential to be crowded with visitors. There are many things about culinary that you can discuss using this niche such as food recommendations, food price information, recipes, and so on.

Sharing culinary experiences on a blog can also make other people interested in tasting the culinary review. Therefore, this blog niche is very likely to get offers for food or beverage product advertisements. Several other products such as cooking utensils, cooking courses, catering business, and others.

You can also join the Indonesian food blogger community to find out opportunities for advertising offers, information on blog competitions to collaborate with other food bloggers.

Benefits of Blogging for Career


Benefits of Blogging for Career

1A place to pour your thoughts
2Adding new skills
3Attract recruiter’s attention
4Showing talent
6Increasing income

3. Parenting

Niche parenting blogs are getting more and more popular every year. Over the last 5 years, the number of searches using parenting keywords is increasing every year. This is because more and more parents are digitally literate, so they look for various information about parenting on the internet. By seeing this, you have the opportunity to have a blog that is selling well if you apply this blog niche.

You can specialize this topic into a sub-niche such as a special blog about maternal and child health information, family harmony, or how to educate children. But it must be noted that if you want to share information about the world of maternal and child health, you must make sure to the experts that the information is safe and has been tested.

On the topic of maternal and child health, what can be written in a blog? Here are a few things to write about:

  • Overcoming fever in babies
  • Health tips during pregnancy
  • Information about breast milk and complementary foods
  • Discuss various myths about mother and baby health

In addition, you can also provide information about tips for fostering family harmony, how to educate children with various methods, even recommendations for children’s names can also be written in this niche.

If you apply this niche, you have the opportunity to work with various companies or products about mothers and children such as daycare, baby equipment products, healthy food for pregnant women and children, children’s learning books, play and learning applications for children.

4. Traveling

Traveling or vacation has become a necessity that must be fulfilled by almost everyone. They are usually always looking for information before surfing the internet, starting from recommendations for tourist attractions to promotions for transportation tickets. Searching for travel and travel topics on the internet is increasingly popular, especially during the holidays.

The keyword “recommended tourist spots” increased drastically in December. This can happen because in December there are many Christmas and New Year holidays. With that data, this blog niche has the opportunity to bring in a lot of visitors. You can write reviews of tourist attractions, hotel reviews, food reviews, and even reviews of tourist facilities.

You can also share various traveling tips or travel hacks such as a must-carry travel kit, how to pack a suitcase so it fits a lot, recommended routes to a tourist spot, and many others.

You can be endorsed by several companies and products related to travel and tourism. There are lots of products or services that can be promoted, such as vacation trip packages, ticket booking applications, places to stay, and others.

5. Technology

Technology is always evolving from time to time. Many people use search engines to find updates

. You also don’t have to worry about the lack of topic ideas because there’s a lot about technology. From Google Trends, you can see that various topics such as macbooks and asus laptops are increasing.

This niche has the opportunity to be crowded with technology visitors that you can write on your blog. in the subtopic about gadgets, you can review the specifications between products, tips on choosing the right gadget for gaming and so on.

You can also review various mobile applications that are currently popular. There are various issues related to technology that you can write about on your blog, for example the issue of hoaxes on social media, blocked applications, gender equality in technology.

With this niche, you have the opportunity to benefit from various types of technology products that you can promote. With this topic, you can still exist on the internet because technology topics will always be updated.


What are micro niches?

-Micro niche can be interpreted as a niche that is more specific or very specific. For example, if the niche is gadgets, then the micro niche is a certain gadget brand.

How much do bloggers earn each month?

-In conclusion, the average income of Indonesian bloggers reaches IDR 5 million per month.

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