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    SEO Company in Jakarta

    Core Freelancers, an international company and a Google partner who is now venturing in the Indonesian market, provide the best SEO services in Jakarta.

    Are you confused about finding a trusted SEO service in Jakarta? Do you wish to develop a business which converts leads into sales, but you don’t have the proficiency or resources in digital marketing? Here’s your solution. Core Freelancers provides Jakarta SEO services that are ready to handle. With over a decade of experience in the field of SEO, the team of Core Freelancers possesses excellence in providing effective SEO solutions to businesses across the world.

    SEO Jakarta
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    Increase your website traffic with proper SEO implementation

    We emphasize SEO so that your company’s website will experience positive changes. SEO is the option to make your business top on the search engine pages such as Google, Bing, MSN, etc. Most people (including us) direct each website to enter into the top ranks of Google. Here’s why?

    • Google is a search engine with 1.5 billion active users in the world.
    • 90% of Indonesia’s 250 million people are connected to the internet, and 99% of Indonesian internet users are active Google users.
    • Google is a search engine with the most users in the world, including Indonesia.

    We handle all types of websites

    Our clients come from various types of business and websites, including various niches, content, countries, languages ​​and various regions. We have experience handling SEO problems following applicable ethics. We will not use black hat SEO methods that will harm the client’s website in the future, but rather work on the principle of white hat SEO. Our work is supported by an algorithm that has been determined by Google as a guide for competing in the top search positions. This method is proven to create visitors slowly but surely, but it takes 1-2 months. In essence, we do it in a way that is fair and following the rules and does not harm any party.


    Do Core Freelancers provide guarantee?

    Jakarta core freelancers SEO services do not guarantee guarantees as we believe other companies too. It’s just that we always try to create opportunities so that visitors continue to access your website.

    How does it work?

    Core Freelancers work with the agreed algorithm through the stages of in-depth analysis. So the problem is not only focused on increasing numbers but also finding out other causes like low traffic on the website.

    My website is engaged in offline gambling. Can it be handled?

    We apologize profusely for our refusal to online gambling agencies, arms trading and other illegal business entities which are detrimental to many parties. We try to carry out our duties with the laws in force in Indonesia.

    Can I maintain the confidentiality of the company’s website?

    Confidentiality is the right of clients to protect all forms of company data, and we have no problem with that. The SEO improvement process will continue to run using the instructions that we provide to company staff. Although we work more optimally if given access.

    Are you going to keep the company secret?

    Of course, we will maintain the confidentiality of the company, especially because it is the ethics we must agree on. Every company problem will be known to us and become lessons learned in the future, without the knowledge of other parties.

    Our SEO Service Products

    Jasa SEO Jakarta,  SEO consultant services Jakarta, Perusahaan SEO Jakarta. Core Freelancers provides one of the best SEO in Jakarta.

    Google Compliant

    With Google Compliant, we run the methods that are taken based on the rules set by Google. Google-compliant is considered effective so that websites avoid getting banned or deleted from the Google index.

    Multi-Keyword SEO

    Keywords are words that are often used by Google users to obtain information. Our SEO company in Jakarta continues to explore the effectiveness of your website’s keywords through the process of analysis and evaluation.


    Our way of sticking to the white hat SEO principle will grow organic visitors so that their data can be accounted for. That is, the SEO consultant can analyze visitor’s data easily. Our SEO services in Jakarta included execution and analytics.

    Social Media Maintenance

    Core Freelancers provides services for those of you who experience difficulties in terms of social media. The way we take will always be based on legality, so clients can receive a positive impact on sales targets.

    Digital Marketing

    Relying on integrated digital marketing, we strive to utilize various digital lines so that the audience can recognize the company’s credibility. We are aware that not everyone uses the same line in terms of accessibility.

    Google Adwords

    Google Adwords feature is a way for your website to be on other website pages. It works like a banner ad and is efficient for people who don’t access Google.

    Our working process


    Keyword analysis

    Analyzing keywords is considered very important because keywords are the gateway between Google users and the website you want to go to. We will analyze and find out the effectiveness of keywords that have been used, and we have the right to advise you to change keywords, so that website traffic increases.

    Website Audit

    The next step is a website audit. This step is considered effective because it looks for the website as a whole. We will evaluate the error, and we will remove things that do not support the SEO process and change it to be more optimal, for the sake of expediting visitors to enter the website.

    Content optimization

    It is undeniable that information will have an impact on one's accessibility to the website. Web pages that optimally fill the content will be considered credible and competent in fulfilling information needs. So as a form of our service, content optimization is important to attract potential customers.

    Link Building

    Have you ever seen a link from another website that goes to the page that you access? Yes! That's the way we work. We will put a link from your website to another page, to lure visitors. Google is not the only way we invite potential customers.

    On-Page SEO

    Of the many sections on your website, choose one part that is a mainstay. Undoubtedly we will try to focus that section getting attention from Google. That section will be more easily accessed by visitors and become a featured page on your website.

    Report and Analysis

    We will continue to do this as needed. Every certain period we will report the results of the development of visitors to clients, so they have the right to decide the next step. Reports and analysis are a form of transparency and our responsibility during our duties.