Working as a Social Media Specialist is almost the same as public relations. While public relations is in charge of promoting the company’s products through offline events and media collaboration, the Social Media Specialist promotes products through social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Social Media Specialist is one type of profession trending in the current digital era.

The development of the digital world is very influential on the use of social media in the lives of many people. Currently, a social media specialist is a profession that many companies need. The social media specialist is responsible for managing all of the company’s social media. The function of social media for companies is to branding and build personal relationships with customers. It’s no surprise that companies need someone to take their social media accounts seriously.

What is a Social Media Specialist?

Social media specialists are responsible for controlling all the company’s social media content. But their job is not just to upload photos or write tweets along a line or two. Every step taken by social media specialists in cyberspace has been calculated strategically. They start from the placement of different content for different media.

The use of keywords is right up to the publication planning, which is needed to ensure the post’s content gets as many audiences as possible and results—not limited to companies. Social media specialist services are also used by individuals, especially public figures such as politicians and celebrities.

Image and popularity for politicians and celebrities have long been considered a success parameter. Currently, social media is a new medium to gain success. This is where the skills of a social media specialist to improve the client’s image on the internet are increasingly needed.

Skills Required by Social Media Specialists

Being a social media specialist can have a slight difference from other jobs. Some different positions may be studied in school or college, but currently, no university teaches complete learning material about social media. Therefore, the opportunity to fill this position is very open to everyone as long as they have the various skills below.

1. Social Media Fluency

Social media specialists must have a great interest in using social media. They also have to know the various types of social media users use. People in this position should not be technologically savvy and should keep abreast of developments. They should also be strictly up to trends like hashtags or popular content.

2. Communication Ability

Even if you work behind the scenes, a social media specialist must have good communication skills. It includes editing, writing, storytelling, SEO, and presentation. Communication in social media is unique. You must be able to build good relationships in writing and create closeness virtually, even if not face to face.

3. Knowledge of Required Tools

In becoming a social media specialist, you will, of course, be faced with various types of tools to make your work easier. The tools that must be mastered, for example, are Hootsuite to manage multiple types of accounts. In addition, you also have to master analytical tools that are important for monitoring the development of social media.

4. Design and Computer Skills

Social media specialists should at least have a basic understanding of design and computers. These basic skills include proficiency in Blogger or WordPress. People who work in this field must have a visual sense because they work closely with the design team.

5. Ability to Think Fast

Phenomena and trends in social media move very quickly. It quickly appears and promptly disappears. Therefore, apart from being sensitive, social media specialists must also think rapidly to apply trends with relevant content. Do not let the content that is made out of date so that it becomes monotonous and out of date.

6. Time Management Ability

There are so many things that people in positions have to do, from replying to emails to revising the content plan every month. A social media specialist may manage more than one brand account, not to mention each brand’s various social media assets. They also have multiple jobs such as posting, creating campaigns, revising content, revising designs, to editing.

7. Consumer Management

The goal of social media is to connect with consumers effectively. Therefore, social media specialists need to understand consumers’ questions, comments, needs, or complaints. It will make consumers feel that your company does not only provide one-way education but is also able to understand consumer needs.

8. Updates on the Latest Trends

It is essential in a dynamic industry to constantly be updated about the latest information technology from every business field. Use social media to find out which terms or chats are most relevant and online at the time. That will help produce exceptionally fresh and relevant content.

9. Understanding Various Social Media Platforms

Social media specialists must have in-depth knowledge of each social media platform. They have to understand which type of content is right for Facebook or Instagram. That’s because each social media offers a different target audience. Therefore, it is essential to identify the target audience of a business.

10. Determining Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Determining KPIs is a social media specialist’s job to show companies how to use social media to achieve business goals. They should review plans and strategies regularly and make adjustments as needed.

11. Deciphering Analysis

Analytical tools on social media will provide data that measures the company’s social media performance. A social media specialist must understand the graph of analytical data on the company. Thus, the company can make the right decision to seek or develop other strategies that may be more fruitful.

12. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Ads

Social media specialists must understand the work of SEO by integrating it with social media to get organic traffic; for example, providing links to the company’s social media can increase rankings on search engines. Every piece of content should be segmented, searchable, and shareable based on the target audience. Social media specialists must also understand how ads or paid ads can optimally improve social media performance.


What is the salary range for a social media specialist?

-The salary of a social media specialist is relatively large. At the entry level, social media specialists will be paid according to the UMK for each region of up to Rp. 3 million. If your expertise as a social media specialist has been recognized, your salary can increase to IDR 7 million or even more.

What is the job of a social media analyst?

-Social media analyst is in charge of increasing company engagement by utilizing social media and optimizing SEO. This profession aims to increase online traffic and brand exposure from various social media platforms.

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