The world of writing has many types. No longer limited to writing books. But the world of writing is growing and becoming a profession, moreover, it is also needed in the business world. For example, the profession of copywriter and content writer. Both of these professions are increasingly sought after by companies and make their business successful.

What is the Difference Between Copywriter and Content Writer?

Many people do not understand the difference between a copywriter and a content writer. Even though they both write, the focus of the two professions is different.


A copywriter is someone who writes content or articles for commercial purposes such as advertising a product or service and product branding. In simple terms, a copywriter is a person who writes for advertising and marketing needs. The results of writing from copywriters usually appear on company websites, social media to advertisements.

Content Writer

A content writer is someone who writes content for a company or client’s website. If the copywriter has a commercial purpose, then the content writer is in charge of creating various content that is relevant to the company, the content has the goal of increasing website traffic. So that the website appears easily on search pages and becomes the first order on search engines.

Being a content writer is closely related to the use of SEO and keywords. Content writers usually occupy the marketing or corporate divisions. It can also be included in the editorial section if the company has a magazine or bulletin.

Copywriter Tasks

The job of a copywriter is to create a script that contains persuasive elements so that the audience or the public is interested in the company’s services or products. Copywriters usually work for advertising companies to campaign ads. You can see the work of copywriters on company websites, advertisements, radio, social media, and billboards.

What skills do copywriters need? Being a copywriter obviously must be able to write and understand marketing. Copywriters must be able to write short and captivate audiences. A copywriter must understand the target market that will be used as the standard for the content created. Copywriters must also have extensive knowledge.

Content Writer Tasks

The job of a content writer is to write articles on a website regularly. The website of a company or client will have various article content ideas from a content writer. Not just writing, content writers are also responsible for creating articles with researched keywords so that the company’s website is on the first page of search engines. In addition to websites, content writers also manage content on a company’s social media. He will work closely with a graphic designer or social media specialist.

What are the skills needed by a content writer? Content writers must be able to research topics and follow any topics that are trending and relevant to the company. This is very important and even the main requirement for content writers to understand SEO writing that can improve the quality of the website.

Content writers will present longer articles than copywriters. That is why content writers must be able to deliver interesting and not boring writing. Writing must be informative and factual.

Skill Content Writer and Copywriter


Skill Content Writer

Skill Copywriter

2Have SEO knowledgeHave a curiosity
3Have analytical/research skillsHave good writing skills
4EditingUnderstanding user experience
5CreativeCreate catchy headlines
6Have storytelling skillsKnowing the target audience

Importance of Copywriters and Content Writers in Business Teams

There are several good influences on the existence of content writers and copywriters in the development of your business, including:

1. Follow Digital Developments

Digital development is currently very fast. More businesses are turning online. A copywriter and content writer is someone who will fill your business delivery online with ideas and writing that can be enjoyed anytime online.

2. Interesting Marketing Strategy Section

The core activity of content writing and copywriting is to create marketing content but it is presented in a very interesting way and doesn’t bore your audience with just promotional posts. However, there is information provided in an interesting language and soft selling.

3. Captivate Audience

Copywriters and content writers can make attractive promotions. It can attract an audience that has the potential to become loyal customers because your business will be closer to them. For example, by writing from a copywriter that offers a solution to the problem of the audience. Likewise with content writers can present various interesting articles as informative reading media.

4. Increase Website Traffic

When your company’s website is of high quality, the audience will certainly visit the site more and more. The existence of a copywriter and content writer who will guarantee the various content in it. With SEO knowledge, your website can increase in terms of traffic and then potentially be recommended by Google to appear at the top of search engines.

5. Good Communication with Audience

Copywriters and content writers are liaisons between companies and audiences in the online world ranging from social media captions, various languages of content in posts, language in website content, promotions, advertisements and so on can be conveyed properly. The language in content writing and copywriting will also match the character of the company’s audience with its target market.

6. Strengthening Company Branding

The essence of all the work of copywriters and content writers is to be enjoyed by the audience. This will further strengthen the branding of a company. This profession will further shape the character of the company and increasingly reach the audience with digital communication.

That’s the importance of copywriters and content writers in your business team. With these two positions, your marketing activities will be easier and you can increase consumers with digital marketing which has now become mandatory for business people.

7. Content Delivered On Time

A professional copywriter will certainly complete his work on time because many projects or companies experience delays in terms of content creation. After all, what is done is not professionals who do not find inspiration or time to write.



What is an SEO content writer?

-SEO writing is the implementation of keywords and keyphrases in the website content. Copywriters and marketers typically use organic visibility and SERP rankings.

What should content writers know about SEO?

-Link building, how to optimize content, user experience, proactive.

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