Instagram is popular social media among millennials and generation Z. Not only medium for sharing personal life, but Instagram is also often a place to buy and sell. Based on research from Impact, 72% of people buy a product after they see the product on Instagram. This proves that Instagram is the most effective social media to use as digital marketing.
Even so, several strategies must be done to be able to get the best result of Instagram marketing. Business turnover will skyrocket by implementing the right Instagram marketing strategy.

The Most Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy to Increase Turnover

1.Use a special Instagram account for business

When you want to use Instagram as a marketing tool, the first thing you have to do is register a business Instagram account. Instagram introduces a feature called Instagram for Business that will help business people build a brand professionally on Instagram.
By using an Instagram business account, you can get various cool features that can be used for the success of marketing your business. The most popular feature of business IG accounts is the Insights feature. This feature will make it easier for you to analyze the performance of your account content.
You can register a business Instagram account and link it to the Facebook page for your business. It’s easy, right?

2. Make Instagram Account Looks Attractive

For your Instagram business account to be more optimal, you can make your account more attractive. A professional and attractive profile can help you find potential customers. The first thing to do is choose an easy-remember username. We recommend that you choose a username that is associated with your business.
Then, use your professional brand profile photo. If you have a brand logo, you should use that logo as your profile photo. This will help you appear more professional.
After you have done these two things, then create a bio for your business account. Instagram provides 150 characters that you can use to explain your business and what benefits consumers will get.
Therefore, you should write a short bio that is still interesting and informative. You can also enter a Call To Action (CTA) and a link that will take the customer to the business landing page.

3. Clarify the activity with the Instagram Account Guidelines

Another strategy that is no less important is to determine the guidelines for your business account. Guidelines are arguably the references that will be used to control activity on the account. This is usually associated with your business’s Instagram account. How can you attract consumers? What language do you use for the account? And many more.
For this reason, it’s very important to know your business. If you have a social media strategy team, then it’s best to set guidelines with your team.

4. Understand the Types of Instagram Posts

For your Instagram marketing to run well, you certainly have to understand the types of content that appear on Instagram. On Instagram, content is divided into 4 types, namely Instagram feed, Instagram live, Instagram story, and Instagram TV.

Types of Instagram Posts

NoTypes of Instagram PostsDescription
1Instagram feedPhotos and videos on someone’s Instagram account. The feed is where you will see all of the account’s posts.
2Instagram storiesShort content at the top of the Instagram feed. This content is usually a short snippet that will last 24 hours.
3Instagram liveYou can do live or broadcast live. Instagram live is usually used for giveaway or question and answer sessions.
4Instagram TVThis is video content that can be longer than one minute and is usually not displayed on the Instagram Feed. More similar to YouTube.

5. Actively Engage with Targeted Audiences

One of the Instagram marketing strategies that must be done is to interact with your target audience. Social media is a platform where people socialize with each other. By engaging and engaging your audience, you can create a more personal relationship with your audience.
This can increase consumer confidence in your brand. You can hold a question and answer session, write unique/funny captions, host giveaways. This will make your audience comment on your post.

6. Send personalized DM

DM or direct message is one of Instagram’s very useful features for Instagram marketing. With this feature, you can send short messages to followers more easily. This is of course very helpful for your business promotion process. Send interesting and containing messages about your business and products. The goal is to make followers feel motivated to buy products or make other conversions.
You should also pay attention to the frequency of DM sending to followers. Don’t let you be considered a spammer and lose your followers just because they feel uncomfortable.

7. Cooperating with Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is one strategy that will rarely fail. Influencer marketing itself has many benefits, such as increasing the number of followers, brand awareness, and reach of your business.
When choosing influencers, make sure you choose one that relates to your business and products. Also choose the number of followers you have, whether it matches your criteria or not.

8. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an Instagram feature that is used to search for new content related to hashtag names. By using hashtags, you can increase your engagement and outreach. To determine a suitable hashtag, you can do your research and look for hashtags that are frequently used by your competitors.
You can also find out what hashtags your target audience is following and see the most popular hashtags in the business market area.

9. Keep Making Interesting Posts

Consistency is an important strategy for Instagram marketing that you must know. To be successful in Instagram marketing, you must present posts that are useful to your followers. If you keep making posts that are informative, interesting, and educational, your business will continue to grow.
Therefore, it would be much better if you determine a posting schedule and the type of content that will be displayed each month.


Why should you use Instagram for business?
-Because you can display the visual side of your business. You can show the other side of your business to customers.

What time should I upload posts on Instagram?
-Usually, people use Instagram during the afternoon. In the morning, people leave for work and turn off all their social media.

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