If you use Google Ads moderately, of course, you already know. Google Ads / Google AdWords is known as paid advertising that effectively increases sales. However, so that your promotion is more effective and efficient, use a variety of tips and tricks.

By using advertising tips in Google Ads, the promotional strategy that you dream of will not be careless. Your marketing goals are much easier to achieve. There are several advertising tips on Google Ads that can help you improve the performance of your business ads.

Tips for Using Google Adwords Effectively [Most Complete]

1. Determine Clearer Advertising Goals

Determining the required goals before creating Google Ads. Every ad has a different purpose. This means that the advertising strategy must also be adjusted in terms of copywriting, budget, landing page design, and others. For example, if you want to increase sales then use the right type of copywriting. It’s best not to use excessive copywriting if your only goal is to get leads.

This is why clear goals are so important. Without clear goals, you may not be able to measure the success of your Google Ads ads.

2. Using the right keywords

The next tip for using Google Adwords is using the right keywords. Google will display ads that match the user’s keywords. Advertisers must know what keywords can be used so the most effective way is to do keyword research. There are tons of keyword research tools that are very easy to use. You can do keyword research that is often used by competitors.

Once you get the right keywords, you can use them in your ad. You can put it in the ad title and ad text/description on the landing page. The goal is to increase the advertising opportunities seen by target customers.

3. Create ad text that catches the attention of readers

The next tip for increasing the performance of Google Ads ads is to arrange the text on the ad to make it more attractive to the audience. It’s best to use the best copywriting techniques. How can I make ad text more attractive? Don’t overload the text with detailed product information. Just show the benefits and uses of the features of using your product in general.

Make sure the ad you write does not only attract potential buyers but also attracts Google. Therefore, you must also implement SEO copywriting so that search engines are also interested in your ad.

4. Matching Ads with Landing Pages

If the title and meta description in your ad doesn’t match what you are advertising, then the audience will think your ad is clickbait. They will immediately leave your website. So, adjust the ad to the landing page that is in each promotional campaign. If it’s not like that, prospective buyers will be disappointed. Even your business confidence can decrease.

Because the ad and the destination page are relevant, potential buyers can immediately get bidding information. Even prospective buyers can immediately buy the product.

5. Optimizing Landing Pages

Why is it important to optimize the landing page? The landing page is a benchmark for the audience to continue their next journey. In essence, the landing page must be able to provide interesting information and lead the audience to click the CTA. So, landing page optimization deals with how this information can be understood by the audience more easily.

If the design or appearance of the landing page is confusing, then the potential customer is likely to cancel a purchase on your website.

6. Creating Mobile Friendly Ads

Another tip for improving the next Google Ads ad is by creating mobile-friendly ads. Because there are more than 50% of website visitors access it via mobile devices. This means that more people can see your ad if the design you use is very mobile friendly. Conversely, if your ad is difficult to see from a smartphone / mobile device, then the audience will also find it difficult to get information.

For example, your ad is too large so that part of the description is likely to be truncated. It could also be a design used to make the CTA button non-clickable by visitors from their cellphone.

If this happens, the ad becomes less attractive and cannot reach the desired audience. Therefore, you must make the right ad design on desktop and mobile. If necessary, make a special design for both.

7. Determining the Right Bidding

Another tip from Google Adwords that is no less important in determining the bidding according to your budget and needs. Bidding is a price-per-click bid for your ad. When you use Google Ads, you have to pay a fee every time your ad is clicked on by a visitor. Therefore, you must be good at managing your budget and doing the right ad bidding.

The strategy is to display ads according to the target market using an efficient budget. You can do manual bidding with your strategy but it will be easier if you take advantage of the automated bidding or smart bidding features of Google Ads.

8. A / B Testing

A / B testing can be the best way to determine which type of ad is most effective at reaching your advertising target. This test can be done one by one from ad design, copywriting, and bidding to the landing page of an ad. Can also be done at once. A / B testing is very important because it is proven to be able to provide insight into the best results even though the changes made may not be too much.

9. Retargeting

Retargeting is providing offers to visitors who have interacted on your website but haven’t made a purchase yet. Retargeting should be a promotional strategy because the conversion opportunity can reach 60%. This method is done by displaying the advertisements on various websites, social media, and applications used by visitors. If you can do retargeting well, your ad campaign will be much more effective.



Can I cancel Google ads at any time?

-You can cancel your Google Ads account at any time. This will stop all your ads automatically within 24 hours.

What types of advertising campaigns are there in Google Ads?

-Search campaigns (usually in text form. These ads can be displayed on Google search results pages), display campaigns (usually in the form of images. Usually appear on websites visited by clients), video campaigns (usually 6 to 15 seconds in duration. this is shown during or before YouTube video content).

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