Hosting is arguably the home of your website in cyberspace. Therefore, you must be very careful before making a choice. There are many things that you should pay attention to. At least, there are several ways to choose the best unlimited web hosting you can get.

The most important thing in choosing a hosting is knowing your needs first. Sometimes this is not easy. But you should focus on something that is your priority first.

You should think about what platform you want to use to create a website, how will your website content be if there are more videos or large content, the source of your traffic to the website, the frequency of data backups, what additional services are needed, whether 24 hour support and live chat is sufficient or not.

If you already know what you need, you can start looking for information about cheap web hosting on search engines. Because there are so many choices, you must be more observant in choosing the right hosting recommendation. Therefore, Core Freelancers want to provide tips on choosing the best web hosting for your website.

Know the Criteria for a Good Hosting

1SpeedYou must pay attention to various factors that support server performance such as storage, bandwidth, and optimization plugins for website speed
2SecurityYou have to make sure that the hosting you choose can guarantee website security
3SupportYou must know what support services are offered by hosting providers
4ScalabilityThe hosting you choose should be able to make you more developed, for example by offering various packages to suit the needs of your website

Things to Check Before Choosing a Hosting Service

1. Quality of Server Performance

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Before you choose, you should first know the quality of the service server. This is the most important thing that must be considered. Do not let your success in the online world be hampered just because your website is very difficult to access and experiences many technical problems.

There are many things you must see. One of them is the server location. Choose a website server whose location is the same as the country where you live. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the server specifications located at the data center of your hosting service provider such as server technology, processor speed, RAM capacity, hard disk (using an SSD or not) or network speed.

2. Providing 24 Hour Service for Customers

The customer support team for hosting services must be available 24 hours. This means that the hosting provider must be available anytime and anywhere when you need technical assistance. Not only that, the hosting provider must also be able to solve the problems you are experiencing. Pay close attention to the friendly attitude and courtesy of Customer Service officers.

Apart from that, the hosting provider will also provide many ways to communicate with you such as live chat, support tickets or phone calls. If your hosting service accommodates you in this way, you should immediately use their service.

3. Affordable & Unlimited Prices

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When you want to choose a quality Indonesian web hosting service, make sure that you can get the best price. Ideally, the price you pay is according to the packages and services you use. You don’t want to pay too high a price for a similar service.

To find out whether the price you paid is too expensive or appropriate, you can compare the details of the specifications and types of packages between hosting services and their prices. This comparison is of course apple to apple. Higher prices should offer better packages and performance.

4. Money Back Guarantee

The money back guarantee is the best facility that can be provided by a hosting service provider. The service providers here guarantee your satisfaction as a customer. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can claim and your money will be returned.

Almost every hosting service provider seems to have a policy like this. It’s just that the terms and conditions vary. You should choose a service that provides terms and conditions that are not burdensome.

If the information provided by the hosting provider is still unclear, you can ask the support team for the hosting service provider you are using. If you don’t get clarity and this facility seems to lead to fraud, you should switch to another hosting service.

5. Additional Features

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You need to consider the additional features provided by the hosting service provider company. There are lots of features that are usually available. Because there are so many, you may be less focused when checking and choosing what features you should consider.

There is one thing you should know. You should pay attention to additional features related to security and protection. These features will greatly help you deal with spam on your website much more easily.

6. Pay attention to customer reviews

Before you decide what service you want to use, you should also consider other people’s opinions. You need to look at reviews from other customers. There are many sources that you can browse, from blogs to forums to get a review of hosting services.

Of course not all reviews are objective. You also have to be extra careful because many people want to take advantage of your curiosity for personal gain. You should read reviews only from trusted blogs in order to get more objective reviews.

What you really have to pay attention to are the advantages and disadvantages. You can listen to the advantages and disadvantages, based on their experience, of the hosting service from the point of view of other users. After that, you can do reflection, what if you experience something similar. This will be the most effective way to calculate the merits of a service based on other people’s reviews.



What is hosting?

-Hosting is an online service for putting online websites or web applications on the internet.

Why is web hosting so important?

-Hosting is a place to store all data on a website so that it can be accessed via the internet network. So the website owner can provide information according to user needs.

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