Have you ever heard of landing pages? For those of you who have a website, maybe you have often heard or can even make a landing page. Landing pages are website pages that are designed, created, and optimized using digital marketing strategies to generate high conversion rates. An example of this landing page is to offer a product or service, download an application or e-book, or a landing page to invite the audience to fill out a form page.

With a landing page, your audience can more easily understand what you offer, help you get a much more specific audience, and make it easier for your audience to take actions that are in line with your marketing goals.

Each landing page consists of several elements such as a title (headline), photos or videos about the products/services you offer, product descriptions, testimonials, and CTA (Call To Action) for the audience to take certain actions.

Tips for Creating a Landing Page

To be able to make a landing page, you need the right technique so that the landing page you create can provide benefits for your business. Here are some tips for creating a landing page.

1. Determine the Purpose of Making a Landing Page

The first thing you have to do before creating a landing page determines the goals you want to achieve. With clear goals, you can make your landing page even more specific. The more specific the landing page, the more conversions you can get. This means that the easier it will be for you to reach the landing page goals you want.

For example, your goal is to create a landing page, namely to promote the products you sell so that on the landing page, you only need to explain the product specifications so that the audience understands your product, for example, the benefits of the product or how to use the product.

2. Create a Landing Page Design

After you determine the landing page that you created, then next you create a landing page design. This design aims to maximize the results of the landing page.

To create a landing page design, you can use a script. This script will later contain various important points that you will enter on your landing page later. You can create this script manually or use tools such as Microsoft office word.

With the design, the content on your landing page will certainly be more structured so that it can produce higher quality content.

3. Keep the Design Clean and Neat

The appearance and structure of the overall website page have a big influence on the effectiveness of the landing page in increasing conversions. The main goal of a landing page is to make it easier to convert visitors into customers or leads.

An effective landing page is a website page that uses attractive colors and images. Use a color combination that is pleasing to the eye and creative.

4. Create a Short, Solid, and Clear Headline

When you open a landing page, the headline is the first part that the audience can see. Headlines are also the key to a successful landing page. Therefore, you must make a short, concise and clear title so that your audience can understand the content of your landing page.

Your title should also be interesting. If your title is less attractive then your audience will leave your landing page before they take action.

5. Write a Catchy Opening Sentence

After you create a title, you also have to write an opening sentence that will make your audience curious about the content of the landing page. Tips for writing a catchy opening sentence:

  • Explain a little about the product or service you offer
  • Your background offers the product or service
  • The advantages of your product or service

6. Give Clear Descriptions in Each Point

The description of each point (such as subheadings) on the landing page is very important. It aims to clarify what you want to give to the audience. The writing of the description must of course be brief, concise, and clear.

Landing Page Benefits for Business

NoLanding Page Benefits for Business
1Save more on budget
2Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of paid advertising
3Resulting in a higher lead conversion
4Helps increase email lists

7. Create a compelling CTA

CTA (Call to Action) is a button whose function is to direct the audience to take an action (a certain action). For the audience to be interested in using the products/services you offer, the CTA on the landing page must also really grab attention.

Here are some tips for making a compelling CTA:

  • Use the right command words for example “read Next”, “download”, “add to cart”, “send message” or other command sentences
  • Make sentences simple but clear
  • Pay attention to the size and color of the CTA button, the exact size of the CTA button is between 5 and 6 cm (depending on the font used). For the button color, use one that stands out and attracts attention, for example, your landing page background is light, so use the CTA button color which is a bit dark and appropriate.
  • Optimize the position of the CTA, adjust it to the purpose of the CTA and the amount of content that you created before being given the CTA

8. Enter Testimonials

Testimonials can be one way to make potential customers more confident about your business. By displaying testimonials on the landing page, your audience can see the things you have done or assess clients who have used your product or service before.

9. Try a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

According to Google’s research, 94% of Indonesian internet users access the internet via mobile devices. Most Indonesian internet users access the internet via smartphones because it is easier and faster to access.

You must also consider this consumer behavior in creating a landing page. Your landing page must be optimally accessible both on desktop and on mobile.



How do I make a landing page?

-You can use WordPress to create simple or complex pages or you can also use third-party services such as Elementor, LeadPages, and SwipePages.

How many CTAs are there on the landing page?

-There should be a CTA to increase conversions and not annoy customers. Just use one CTA on your landing page.

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