Creating a logo is an important part of a business. A logo can help a business to build an image or identity itself. A logo can also make you or your business is known to more people so that it can increase credibility. It will be easier for you to build branding if your business has a logo.

Logos are generally in the form of images, writings, or sketches that have a certain meaning and become the identity of a business. You can see a pretty interesting logo in the following image. Creating a logo is not difficult because there are some tips on making a logo that you should pay attention to. Before you know these tools, there are some tips for creating a logo that you should pay attention to.

There are 4 tips to create an attractive logo for your business:

1. Simple

When you can create a simple logo display, then that means you can convey your brand image more effectively and efficiently. A simple logo is usually seen from the selection of the number of elements, shapes, and use of color. It is not recommended that you use more than three color combinations in your logo.

2. Always Up To Date

Besides being simple, your business logo must always look up to date (not easily out of date). A logo is a long-term investment. What if your logo is seen 5 years, 10 years, or even 50 years into the future? Is the logo easily out of date? Can the logo still look classic and elegant?

A good logo is a logo that is not easily eaten by age. The identity reflected in the logo should not just fade over time. Therefore, the logo concept that you create should not only follow the trend because when the trend is over, but your logo will also look old-fashioned.

3. Unique

Logos help differentiate your business from competitors’ businesses. It would be much better if the uniqueness of the logo represents the uniqueness of your business. For this reason, you can think of the logo concept out of the box. The trick is to fight the logo trend in the line of business you are running. For example, a fashion business that doesn’t have to have a logo design in the form of an image of a shirt or pants.

4. Ease in Application

The logo is the identity of your business so that it requires you to create a logo that can be applied to all elements of business promotion. Be it profile pictures, pamphlets, billboards, websites, to media such as opening notes, stickers, pens, and so on. Therefore, a good logo should be easy to apply to various media without losing details.

Tools for Creating Logos Online

Here are some tools that you can use to create a logo easily.

1. Canva

Canva offers tons of free services with a variety of ready-to-use fonts, templates, images, and videos. Canva is often used to design everything from banners, banners, posters to creating online logos. To create a logo, Canva provides users with a free version and a paid version. You only need to enter the name of the company or business then you can start being creative using one of the templates used. You can also change the logo shape, color, the font according to business needs.

2. Wix Logo Maker

If you usually know Wix as a tool for creating websites, then Wix can also be used to create free online logos. Wix Logo Maker will usually ask you various questions about what kind of logo you will create and will use for the logo. Then, Wix will create a template according to your business needs. But you can still edit such as changing colors, text, or icons. You can also save your logo design in SVG format for better quality.

3. Online Logo Maker

Logo Maker has so far been used by 2.3 million users. This means that many have created logos using this tool so you don’t have to hesitate in using it. Here, you can choose hundreds of clip art or symbols that have been provided. You can also use various colors, fonts to various shapes to suit your needs. Apart from using symbol assets from Online Logo Maker, you can also upload your images. You will also get logos with various visual formats to get the best quality logo results.

4. Zyro

For those of you who want to make logo designs easily, quickly, and look professional, then Zyro can be an option. These tools provide everything you need to create an attractive logo, from icons, fonts, colors, formatting to layouts. All the features provided by Zyro can be used easily by many people to novice businessmen.

Importance of Logo in Business Branding Process

NoReasons Why Logos Are Important in Branding
1Attract attention
2Make a strong first impression
3The foundation of your brand identity
4Logos make your business memorable
5Logo separates you from the competition
6Cultivating brand loyalty
7Audiences who expect it

5. Hatchful

Hatchful offers more complete options for creating a free online logo. When you start designing a logo, you will be asked to choose a type of business. You can also choose the visual style you want then enter your brand name and business tagline. The next step is to choose where your logo will be applied. Hatchful can automatically provide several logo templates that match the input you entered earlier. Judging from the template, you will also be given the freedom to customize. There is a choice of colors, fonts, or icons that you can change.

6. Hipster Logo Generator

Is your target audience young people? If so, this tool is suitable for use. With the Hipster Logo Generator, you can create a logo with a hipster style that fits the youth market share. A simple UI display will make it easier for you to use this tool. First, you will be asked to select a base shape (badge). There are five badges that you will choose. Then, you will also be asked to select the elements to be added to the badge. The number of available elements is highly dependent on the badge choice in the previous stage. After you finish making the design, you can download the results. This can be in. PNG format for the free version and an additional.SVG format for the paid version.

7. Tailor Brands

Tailor brands are here to help small and medium entrepreneurs create a professional logo. Even though you can design more freely and freely, you can still customize it according to your wishes and needs. Tailor brands charge a starting price of $9.99 (Rp 142.225) per month if you want to secure the logo for your business.

To get started, you enter your business name in the column on the main Tailor Brands page then you only need to enter a little description about your business and choose several types of logos.

  • Icon based – displays an icon or symbol that represents your business
  • Name-based – displays only your business name
  • Initial based – displays the initials of your business name

There are also other menus. When you have finished creating the design, you can download a ready-to-use logo for your business.

8. Squarespace

Squarespace has a tagline Logos made simple. In the initial screen, you will be asked to enter a brand name and then you will find a white canvas display. This is your working paper to create a logo design. On the left, you can find a column of brand name, tagline, and a choice of primary icons. At the bottom of the canvas, Squarespace provides a preview of the logo design when applied to various media such as t-shirts, website displays, or business cards.

On a white canvas, SquareSpace also adds various small dots that help you place elements with more precision. You can also find additional vertical and horizontal imaginary lines that help put the elements more neatly.


Why should brands use a logo?

-The benefit of the logo for the company is as a product reminder symbol for consumers. The use of a logo on the product or product packaging will help consumers remember our products more easily. The use of logos on products or product packaging can increase the prestige of its users.

Why should a logo design be attractive?

Because a unique and attractive logo will make it easier for you to brand. Therefore, logo design services will be increasingly in demand and produce an attractive logo.

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