Content marketing has become one of the effective digital marketing strategies for various types of businesses. Even so, it’s quite difficult to determine what type of content marketing you want to use to grow your business.

The following types of content marketing with the best performance. Learn how your business uses each type of content to increase sales and the number of prospects.

Types of Content Marketing with the Best Performance


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Blogs are one of the most popular types of content for small businesses. Blogs are one of the best ways to improve SEO and bring more organic traffic to your site from search engines. This can help you with a limited marketing budget.

In fact, according to Forbes, websites that contain blogs make the pages easier to index than those that don’t. This means that sites that have blogs have a greater chance of appearing on the first page of search engines when consumers search for relevant keywords.

Blogging not only increases SEO scores but also helps you establish relationships with the latest customers and your leads. The more complete the content that you present the audience will consider your brand when they want to buy a product. Blogs are an effective way to provide value through short-term content.

2. Video

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If you want to stay competitive in the digital marketplace, it is very important to attract the attention of your audience and get in touch with them immediately. Now, customers prefer watching videos. One-third of online activities in the world are watching video content. This makes video one of the best types of content marketing to stay in touch with your target customers, in various industries.

Video is a great content marketing tactic for small businesses because it provides a return on investment. Brands that use video have an average increase of 157% for organic traffic from search engines. videos also help increase the time spent by customers on your website. The opportunity for companies is far greater for sales.

If you want to use video, you should consider the type of content and topic that is most interesting for your audience. This will depend very much on where your audience is. Video with a short duration and interesting can help you involve consumers in brand awareness.

3. Infographics

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Infographics help a business educate their audience and provide useful information that can add value to customers and prospects. This content marketing format can help readers visualize data such as statistics so that they have a better picture of why something is important or how something works.

If your business chooses to use infographics to attract attention and connect with the audience, consider which topics are most suitable for this format. You can use infographics to explain something complicated, present statistics that can help others to understand the value of your business.

4. Case Study

The type of valuable content marketing is a case study. Case studies are usually based on customer stories that illustrate how your business has helped clients become more successful. Businesses can use case studies to focus on explaining applications or specific uses for their services or products.

Consumers like case studies because this type of content helps them understand how your brand can add value to their lives or business. Although you can provide general examples for using your product or service, real-life examples will help your business build trust with new prospects.

Case studies can be placed on your company’s website but you can also use other methods. You can use case study examples on blogs, ebooks, and other types of content.

Advantages of Content Marketing in Business


Benefits of Content Marketing

1Increase visibility of your brand
2Build relationships with your audience
3Increase brand awareness
4Create loyalty and trust, both for your current and potential customers
5Build authority and credibility in your industry

5. Ebook

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Ebooks (electronic books) are long-term types of content where businesses can provide value to their leads and customers. The keywords here are very important. Please note that the ebook is more than 5-10 pages. Try that the ebook provides various types of information and knowledge that are useful for the target audience.

Like other types of content, this is not just about sales but also about how to build targeted customer relationships so they trust your brand and come to you when you want to buy your product/service.

Ebooks are one of the best types of content marketing for gathering prospect information. Because ebook security is usually maintained, it means that visitors must submit their information in exchange for being allowed to download the ebook.

6. White Papers

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White papers are almost similar to ebooks in several ways. A white paper is a type of long-term marketing content. The white paper can be effective as a sales magnet. However, there is a major difference between ebooks and white papers, that is, white papers contain more information, data, and more detail. This makes whitepaper one of the best types of content marketing for B2Bs and small businesses who want to build leadership and get more appreciation in their industry.

One of the biggest advantages of white paper is that it helps your small business gather a lot of information about new leads. Based on research, 76% of buyers want to provide their personal information in return in the form of white paper. This information about customers not only provides better insight into your audience but also allows you to choose the right way to interact with your customers.


What is content marketing?

-Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and distributing relevant and important content to attract the attention of the audience. The aim is to convert them into consumers.

Why is content marketing important in business?

-One urgency of content marketing in business is to be able to convert visitors into customers and can bring a lot of traffic.

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