When building a business, you need a lot of strategies so that the business can progress and develop. One of them is by doing marketing or marketing. Marketing that is done also should not be arbitrary. There are very effective plans and tools to help market the goods or services you offer. Marketing tools are various tools used to help you market your products with digital marketing.

A marketing plan is a plan that has been prepared from start to finish so that marketing can run well. What are the marketing tools that can be used in your business? What are the types of marketing tools?

What are Marketing Tools?

One way that you can use to promote your business is to use the existing marketing tools as much as possible. Marketing tools are tools that can be used to help you market your product. The marketing tools that will be used, of course, must be in line with the goals you have previously created.

This is because each marketing tool has its use, for example, your goal is to increase the amount of traffic or the number of visitors to your website, the method you use is SEO so that your website is at the top of the search engine results page.

If your goal is to collect data about consumers or target audiences, then you can use various survey platforms.

Types of Marketing Tools

Each marketing tool has its use to achieve each of your business goals. Here are some types of marketing tools among the many available tools:

1. Social Media

The use of social media is increasingly massive lately. Especially since the pandemic, almost everyone is working from home. Social media is a platform where almost everyone discusses something. Thus, the use of social media is also known as the most effective online marketing. Because social media is indeed an online platform that can reach a very wide and very large market, it can even reach all countries.

Not only socializing, social media today is a platform to introduce and offer your products to customers. The use of social media in your marketing is very effective in getting new customers or markets. With the many features available, you can maximize their use so that your business can grow. The use of social media is also very important for you to build consumer credibility for your product and business brand.

Social media becomes a platform for you to be able to interact in two directions so that they are comfortable with your product through various content and useful information for consumers. The social media in question are very diverse, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Path, TikTok, and many others.

2. Website

The use of the website may not be something new. Using a website for your business will help increase the credibility of your product in the eyes of consumers. The use of a website in business also shows that your business is running professionally and not carelessly. In addition, the website that is used can provide various important information that your consumers should know.

Existing websites can also be placed on social media accounts that you have created. Thus, there are a lot of consumers who visit your website and finally decide to buy your product or use your services. It must be remembered that when you use a website, you must install an attractive and user-friendly design. To do this, you can use a website creation service that is already available.

Currently, many agencies or companies offer website creation services with attractive designs and user-friendly layouts, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

3. Survey

Another type of marketing is surveys. Conducting a survey is very important for those of you who want to find out some information and your consumer’s opinion on your product or brand. You can find out their satisfaction level, how your service is or you want to know more about what your customers are looking for.

You can provide more needs for your customers. In addition, you can also make some improvements to the quality of the products and services that you have done before. By upgrading certain parts, this will make your business better and more and more ogled by new consumers.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing or marketing with email is also a type of marketing tool that is very suitable to be used to build and maintain relationships with your customers. The use of email marketing is very important so that every customer who has chosen each of your products still feels valued and respected as a customer.

Email can also be used to offer similar products as previously purchased by customers. In addition, information and programs related to the products and brands of your business.

5. Loyalty Program

Loyalty program is one type of marketing that is very effective to keep customers. Getting new customers and markets for your product is very important. But if you don’t take care of existing customers, then this is tantamount to putting fruit in a hollow basket.

Keeping your customers loyal is certainly far more important than getting customers who are completely new to your product. This is because loyal customers will be the weapon you have in business. Loyal customers who are satisfied with your products and services will promote it to the people closest to them that your product is good.

Marketing Benefits


Marketing Benefits

1Expand market
2Facilitate the exchange of ownership of goods and services
3Helping optimal use of resources
4Speed up other activities
5Increase national income
6Raising the standard of living
7Provide lucrative job opportunities

Marketing Tools Applications Used

If you already understand the types of marketing tools that you can use, here are some applications that you can use to promote your business.

1. Trello

Trello is a website that can help you formulate and organize various strategies that you have determined beforehand. With Trello, you can group each task according to the group you specify, for example, there are several groups such as Instagram feed posting schedules, schedules using ads, live schedules, ideas, and other groups.

You can also invite your teammates to let everyone know what to do. You can also use features such as deadlines and other reminders to help launch every strategy that has been made. The use of Trello is important so that every predetermined goal can be achieved with a schedule that has been determined by you and your team.

2. Canva

Canva is a website and application that you can use to create attractive designs for content that you will post on social media accounts that have been created. Its use is very easy so it is suitable for use by beginners in the design world. Canva also provides a variety of attractive templates that you can use for free to design content.

But if you subscribe, then you will enjoy various conveniences that you could not use before. Canva can help you express every imagination and creativity that you couldn’t put before

3. Unsplash or Pexel

This online website can be considered as a repository of images that you can use for free for your content. You only need to enter the keywords you are looking for and an image from the keyword search results will appear. The images on this website can be used freely because they do not have a copyright license that must be paid for.

There are also many and varied images. So, this will make it very easy for you to find the image you need. Websites that provide various images without a license of course not only this but there are many websites that can be used.

4. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Of course, you can and need to use existing social media. The use of social media is very effective to promote your product. In addition, the use of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can help you increase brand awareness. This is because social media has the advantage of reaching even the most distant audiences.

The existence of social media makes your product very close to the audience and the market they are in. These three social media have some similarities and features that you can use. What all three have in common is that you can use advertising with a purpose that you can adjust to your needs.

5. Survey Monkey

Surveymonkey is a website that you can use to create surveys for your audience. Whether it’s to collect data about consumers or collect data for your products and brands. it also looks more attractive than survey platforms which usually will definitely make consumers fill out the survey.

The advantage of this one platform is the final result you get from consumers who have filled it out. This application can help you display a graph of the results of the answers that have been given previously. This will make it easier for you to interpret the survey results that have been made.

6. Google Analytics

You can collect consumer with Google Analytics. You can find out various data such as the demographics of your consumers. In addition, you can find out how your consumers recognize the product, whether it be an advertisement channel, website, or social media. You can also evaluate strategies and content that have been posted.

7. Online Ads

Advertising is an element not to be missed. Online ads are already available on various platforms that you can adjust to your needs. You can use Google Ads for advertising on websites, search engines, and applications that work with Google. You can also use ads and Youtube on other social media.


What are marketing tools?

-Marketing tools are applications that help you run a business, especially in the promotion section. Even so, marketing tools are not only about advertising and social media.

What are sales tools?

-Sales tools are a set of digital tools used by sales professionals to make their work easier. The sales tools category includes customer relation management (CRM), sales intelligence, sales acceleration, sales gamification, to sales analytics


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