The goal of the marketing teams is to attract potential customers by conveying the company’s identity and the services it provides to the public. There are various ways to do this either through bulletins, blogs, photos, whitepapers, and so on. Once customers have adapted to your company, this form of content should educate them about your brand and leave a great first impression.

All of these forms of content if used properly can provide different information to potential customers that should make them see the need for your services and products. One of the most important aspects of digital marketing content is the various forms of video.

It is very important that you create and update your video content regularly as part of your marketing strategy. This video must be creative, interesting, unique, or informative, especially if you want the video to go viral. Post and update video content on a weekly or monthly basis to help build brand strength and encourage customers to come back and see what’s next.

Types of Video Content for Digital Marketing

1.Webinar Videos

Although writing in the form of bulletins, blogs and whitepapers is the best way to inform your audience, there is still a risk of not attracting the audience’s attention. Some people are better audio learners than visuals, especially in today’s social media. In a fast-moving culture, your audience may be willing to watch fifteen-minute educational videos instead of reading.

In this digital age, more and more companies are turning to this type of media content as a way of engaging audiences. Webinars usually take the form of conversations, exhibitions, educational sessions, or demonstrations that take place online. A business typically releases a mix of content including audio interviews, blogs, and videos.

Webinars and vlogs provide an opportunity to spend some time and dive into what topics you want to teach your audience by providing interesting and informative content or instructions. Young people today are more likely to get information from webinars than from traditional print media.

A final benefit of webinars is that businesses can use them to influence public opinion.

2. Animation

Animation is used as an ingenious way to introduce your company to your audience and showcase your company’s personality. Disney is the best example of the durability of animation as a visual medium.

You can bring an inanimate object or concept to life and bring life into the idea. Animation allows you to summarize difficult concepts in a fun or exciting way and do so with talent/creativity that can help you to remember them.

The purpose of this video is to attract and introduce yourself to future customers. With animation, you can share your brand or company story, explain aspects of your service or talk about your core values. Animations can help you take a complex or boring message and turn it into something that is easy to digest and enjoyable especially when compared to text.

Animated videos have been proven to increase conversion rates for e-marketing campaigns and websites. They also help generate further traffic by being indexed on search engines like Google or YouTube and they can help increase your organic search rankings because you have unique and diverse content.

Advantages of Video Marketing in Digital Marketing

NoAdvantages of Video Marketing
1Many promotion opportunities go viral
2Its reach is wider because it can be enjoyed by various groups
3Encouraging more interaction between creators and potential customers
4The audience is more impressed
5It’s easier to send messages and promotional intent even though the media is in the form of videos
6There are many platforms to upload it
7Can strengthen the character of a brand
8The more convincing the customer

3. Tutorials

Although similar to webinars, video tutorials are a great way to educate an already engaged audience. Video tutorials are excellent educational content for visual-type learners. With tutorials, you can help your audience through any process whatever you want to teach. Unlike webinars, tutorials are not live broadcasts.

Instead, tutorials are posted and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Although video tutorials can be long or short, they are usually on the shorter end so the audience can digest and find information easily and quickly.

Instead of having to watch a 2-hour webinar about marketing, they prefer to get a two-minute video about a certain aspect of marketing. It will be much easier to follow the step-by-step instructions. The advantage of tutorials is that audiences can skip sections they don’t want to watch or can replay important information over and over again.

Tutorials are also a great way to improve Google search metrics because your audience is likely to have a lot of questions about your market.

4. Interview

Just like testimonials, interviews with industry experts also give your brand legitimacy. You not only have customers who support your service or product but also become a leader in that field. As in the case of testimonials, if the interviewee is genuine and is not considered a messenger then their opinion is very valuable because that is their area of ​​expertise.

They have studied and spent several years working and gaining knowledge and insight into their field. They can give tips and help convince someone with a logical appeal as opposed to the emotions you are used to seeing.


What is digital video marketing?

-Video marketing is a marketing method that uses video on online platforms as the main medium. Video marketing can be easily found on various online video platforms and social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Why is video marketing more effective in conducting online promotional video activities?

-Video content allows viewers to engage and generate emotions. But effective promotional videos present your products and services in a conversational form. This creates an individual approach which then builds trust that makes viewers dare to buy online.

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