Some of the best copywriting apps are needed when writing. For some people, writing can sometimes be a bit of a chore. Especially if you have to write with a certain plot or style of writing in it. There are several elements for business purposes or to get the attention of readers. This does require special skills. Of the many needs that require writing, what is needed is a blog.

Writing on the blog itself can be distinguished according to the needs of the blog and the broadcast time of the blog. Building a blog certainly has a variety of purposes. There are those whose purpose is to display advertisements, there are those whose purpose is only to share or share information until there are those who campaign for certain individuals or products. All, of course, require written work as content or content.

Types of Blog Content

Each content of this blog is still divided into the writing style. Some of the common ones include:

1. Narrative

This is an article in a blog that uses the concept of speaking in packaging the information to be shared. Articles in this narrative form are specifically for example news or news, opinions, or discourses, and many others.

2. How-To Articles

For this type of article, the goal is to be specific and explicit about sharing how to do things. What is discussed are the steps until a thing can be carried out by the reader.

3. Listicle

When discussing the listicle, what is being reviewed is the order. This sequence usually relates to something related to the theme and of course to the reader. A listicle is sometimes indeed a review so that it compares one thing discussed with another from the smallest order to the largest.

4. Copywriting

In terms of the world of writing, copywriting can be equated with business communication. In the past, in its heyday, the column print media contained articles with this type of writing, also known as the advertorial column. The essence of this type of copywriting article is to convince the reader to accept the information in the article but also direct them to buy or take action for a certain action.

In essence, copywriting is a style to produce written work in the form of articles that can influence someone through the information submitted. Copywriting is one of the most widely used writings by digital marketers.

Copywriting Applications Help Maximize Writing

Writing itself is a job that requires patience and requires high concentration. Some of these copywriting applications actually will not be able to replace the maximum results done by experienced writers. But the purpose of these various copywriting applications is to improve one’s ability to master copywriting techniques or styles perfectly.

Here are some apps that will be of great help in the copywriting process:

1. Help Me Write

To produce good writing and be easy to read, the idea becomes the main benchmark. Each idea must be packaged well as well as attractive to guide the reader to capture all the information. Copywriting application Help Me Write can work by helping writers to find the way to the best ideas that are most liked by the audience. The trick is to post writing ideas to social media. Next, there will be feedback from the audience on social media on which idea is the most interesting and wants to be known. The author just needs to develop the idea.

2. Google Docs

The next application is the output of Google called Google Docs. You can practice writing or copywriting skills here. Moreover, the application can be downloaded for free so anyone can join in creating the content framework in this application. Of the many standard features available, all of them are very useful in practicing your writing skills such as spelling correction, correcting foreign terms or even in Indonesian, and many others.

3. Rewrite Correctica

The rewrite correction application is an application that can be chosen to train writing skills to become a copywriter. What about the advantages of the features? Of course, there are many. Almost all of them are very useful for you as a beginner for example correcting diction/word choice and grammar. Articles that are neat in terms of authorship certainly have a great opportunity to attract consumers. This application can also help you in realizing good and quality writing.

4. Zen Pen

Do you think that nowadays many writers seem to find it difficult to be productive in writing? Whereas in the past, only with machine capital when they could focus and produce material for pages. What causes them to become unfocused? The obvious reason is the monitor. This Zenpen application can help you improve focus and concentration. Designed with a screen that is quite narrow so that the author’s view is only focused on a small part.

Copywriting Benefits for Advertising on Social Media


Copywriting Benefits for Advertising on Social Media

1Copywriting helps improve the company’s image in the eyes of potential customers
2Can understand and know what consumers expect from the products or services offered
3Helping consumers get the information they need, including who to contact if they need more complete information about the advertised product or service
4Write down the added value of the product or service so that it is easier for consumers to compare it with other products
5Can attract and persade consumers to use or buy either the product or service offered

5. TWords App

One of the problems that many writers usually face is laziness and not having strong enough self-control to carry on with their writing tasks. This can be overcome by using the Twords application. When you download the Towards application, a notification will appear when it is finished installing. It may sound forced, but from the beginning, writing skills and productivity will always be maintained.

6. Hemingway App

You can use this application as a reference when the idea doesn’t come out or gets stuck when writing again. Hemingway apps can help novice writers to get writing that is concise, rapid, and easy to read. This app has a useful purpose for novice writers. Just like being able to help so that works can be created in a concise, solid, and simple way but still easy to read and informative.

7. Rewrite Daily Page

Having the ability or good writing skills usually comes from the habit of writing every day. The Rewrite Daily Page application may be able to help you especially hone your skills as a copywriter by writing every day according to the name of the application. Any copywriting application is just a means to help writers. In essence, this writing activity is an activity that requires perseverance from the people who live it. This platform also helps you learn copywriting techniques.

8. Jotterpad App

Then there is the Jotterpad application which is designed with many features that are useful for those of you who want to become a copywriter. This application can help those of you who are looking for a writing tool that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Jotterpad is often used by some people who want to become writers or even copywriters. With many features that can be obtained and useful for writing.

9. iA Writer App

The iA Writer application is one of the most suitable applications for you and is very easy to download on the Playstore for free. With many complete features in it, writing activities become more comfortable. This application is for iOS and Android only. But the Android version does not have complete features. Unlike the iOS version, there are many additional features such as syntax so you can see some adjectives, objects, descriptions, or conjunctions.

10. Evernote App

Most writers always experience the sudden emergence of ideas. Instead, they will use a mobile device to jot down the idea. If you’ve ever experienced this, then the Evernote app might be able to help. The Evernote application can capture various types of ideas, notes look neater than the default application on the device. Not only that, this application can separate notes into different books for the benefit of other projects, for free.

Of the many types of copywriting applications that have been described above, then use one of them if you can help writing activities at home or anywhere.



How to do copywriting?

-Learn about the product or service, understand the needs of the audience, define compelling headlines, support headlines with attractive leads, write quality copy, end with persuasion.

What is copywriting headlines?

-Headline is an important element that should get special attention in copywriting. Headlines or headings or titles that are usually made the most prominent with larger font sizes and attractive colors are usually the first elements seen by readers.


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