Have you ever checked your inbox on an email and then found an email newsletter in the form of promotions, notifications, or the latest updates from the company that sent the newsletter? Of course often, right? Email newsletters are usually in the email inbox, especially in the “social” or “promotion” category. This type of email is very rarely entered in the “main” section of the email inbox.

Many digital and non-digital companies in Indonesia are using email newsletters as one of their strategies to reach and engage with customers. If your company doesn’t currently have an email newsletter, you should consider starting one.

Email newsletters themselves are now proven to increase companies’ ROI (Return of Investment), where ROI is the most crucial component to maximize a company’s business. This article will discuss email newsletters from definition to benefits for businesses and companies.

What is an Email Newsletter?

Newsletters in Indonesian are called “Buletins” or “Newsletters”. Newsletters are short information media or news broadcasts aimed at readers who are busy or don’t have much time to read too long and detailed news. It can be concluded that a newsletter is a tool that can bridge the company with customers to share important and exciting information related to the company regularly.

For companies, newsletters open up vast opportunities to reach companies directly. With a newsletter, it is easier for companies to send marketing content such as promotions for the latest products or events, sharing engaging content, or conducting surveys to find out interest data from company customers.

Newsletters as a form of the email campaign are also elementary to evaluate. From newsletters that are blasted to all subscribers, it can later be categorized which customers open the newsletter regularly (classified as loyal and active customers) and which customers are reluctant to open newsletters from the company (classified as less engaged customers).

Benefits of Using Newsletters

There are various benefits of newsletters for your company and business. One of them is as a medium that connects companies with customers. To find out other uses, please refer to the following discussion.

1. Reach More Audience

Do you want to connect with customers and interact directly with them? So using a newsletter is the right choice. Newsletters can be sent regularly to all subscribers, whether new customers or old customers.

Not everyone has time to check the news or certain websites, so with a newsletter, all the company’s customers will be aware of various promos, latest events, new products, and various other updates from the company.

2. Let’s Customers Know the Latest Updates from the Company

The primary function is so that customers don’t miss out on the latest updates ranging from products, events, promotions, notifications, etc.

The customers to whom you send newsletters are people who are already engaged with your company. Because a company can’t get their email tool unless they have purchased or used the company’s services or have subscribed to the company by filling in their data (including email address).

Targeted promotional media are needed to take advantage of customers to stay engaged and even continue to subscribe. It is the role of the newsletter. When a company launches a new product or holds various exciting events, you can blast an email newsletter so the information is known to customers equally.

How to Make an Attractive Newsletter

NoTips for Making Interesting Newsletters
1Cool and attractive design
2Make the newsletter display responsive on all devices
3Showing diverse content
4Implementing image based CTA (calls to action)

3. Determining User Profiling/User Segmentation

Newsletters can also be used for survey media and being used as promotional media. Surveys conducted on customers are also helpful to find out specific interests or products and events favored by customers. It can also be used as a data source to create personalization features.

4. Increase User Engagement

Another thing you can get through a newsletter is to build and maintain good relationships between the company and its customers. Customers will never forget your company when they read the newsletter. It is expected to increase engagement.

5. Increase Sales Conversion

Newsletters can help increase sales conversions. The CTA (Call to Action) element embedded in the newsletter will help direct customers who read the newsletter to the product page on the company’s website. It can make it easier for customers to make purchases or purchases if they are interested in the products attached to the newsletter.

6. Increase Website Traffic

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you can’t expect it to happen organically. You have to attract visitors, and actively sending regular newsletters can help. Invite them, encourage and provide helpful content regularly if you want customers to visit the company website, access the content, and then purchase. Make sure you target the right audience and include a prominent Call To Action (CTA).

7. Developing Social Media Community

Emails containing social media “share” buttons have a much higher click-through rate (CTR). Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are critical to the overall growth and marketing strategy. But growing those channels takes more time and effort. Newsletters can help build an online community by engaging them through their inbox and guiding them to the company’s social media channels. There, you have more reach and start generating more engagement.


What is a newsletter campaign?

-Email marketing campaign is the process starting from planning, executing, measuring, and improving the results of marketing campaigns via email. A successful email marketing campaign will get email recipients to take action, engage with your business and help to get more sales.

What are the things that must be considered in compiling a newsletter?

-Communicative, informative, attractive language, visually appealing, and adapted to the target market.

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