Marketing products through social media is a natural thing in this digital era. Social media seems to be the center of a completely virtual world. You don’t have to bother spending time walking in the shopping center. Utilizing the digital world to increase your sales will certainly be a marketing strategy that will be very helpful. One marketing strategy that you can do is endorse.

With the number of social media users reaching 61.8% of the entire population of Indonesia, its use can be said to be quite effective in reaching more consumers. The endorsement strategy is usually used so that the product or service being marketed is widely known. What exactly is an endorsement? What are the benefits for a brand?

What is Endorsement?

An endorsement is a form of English loan word, namely endorsement. So the meaning of endorse is to approve, support, support, authorize and legitimize. When viewed from the definition, the endorsement scope is very wide. This word can include business, insurance, and law. But the definition of endorse that is often used every day is endorse which defines the activities carried out by someone to support or approve something.

For example, endorse activities carried out by online shops to promote their merchandise. Endorsements usually use the services of influencers or public figures to provide testimony as a form of promotion of goods or services. The use of influencer services or public figures in endorsements is done because their social media accounts have a lot of followers.

Benefits of Endorsement for Business

The effectiveness and impact of the endorsed strategy in increasing sales of goods and services cannot be doubted. There have been many testimonies and research conducted by several college students to assess whether an endorse marketing strategy is the best thing. The following are some of the benefits of endorsement activities:

1. Increasing Public Awareness of Brands

By doing endorsements on goods or services, people are increasingly aware of the existence of your product. Public awareness will increase if the person endorsed is a person who is very credible and in line with the product to be sold. You can also use the endorsed strategy if you have issued a new product. Marketing with endorsements is even very appropriate for products that have just come out because your products will be known by more and more people in a very fast time.

2. Increase Brand Credibility

When you market your product to the right people, your credibility will also increase. For example, if you endorse an influencer whose integrity is more guaranteed and whose work is known to be professional, then your brand will be seen as a brand that has high quality. Determine who will promote your product before making an endorsement.

3. Increase Product Sales

The content posted by endorsed influencers plays an important role in increasing sales. If the content that is created is always monotonous, not by the trend and out of date, then the endorsement made will most likely be in vain.

If your product is of high quality, attractive, and much needed by the community, then this has become an added value for product sales. Moreover, assisted by an endorsed strategy where the content is always new and creative, your product will be more in demand.

If one of your products succeeds in attracting the interest of many customers, then your product is likely to be ogled by customers. This is also known as the domino effect where one event causes another event to occur. So even if the product you endorse is only one, the results you get are doubled because other products are also seen an increase in sales.

Types of Endorsements

NoTypes of EndorsementsExplanation


ExpertUsing figures who have expertise in certain fields and according to the type of product being advertised
2ProminenceThe type of endorsement that uses a well-known and trusted public figure
3CelebrityThis type of endorsement uses the services of celebrities or public figures who are liked by the public
4TestimonialThis is a type of endorsement that comes from the general public and is neutral. Endorsers make testimonials about advertised products
5TerrestrialThis type of endorsement uses the services of ordinary people and there is no commercial element
6ClienteleTypes of endorsements that use the services of expert figures
7LeaderUsing the services of a leader in a particular field and in accordance with the advertised product
8AccesivitTypes of endorsements that use the services of figures who are unique in certain fields

4. Opening New Market

You may ask how to promote a product in a new market? The answer is to endorse someone who has a large number of followers and a very broad reach. The number of followers of the endorsed person in this case plays a role in opening up new markets for your product. Especially if the followers of that person are not only in one area but are in many areas and even cover various parts of the world.

By using the services of international standard artists, your product will certainly be widely known by the Indonesian people and even the international community.

5. Can be adjusted to the budget

The cost of doing an endorsement varies greatly depending on the funds that have been determined. For those of you who have large enough funds, then the influencer or public figure is famous and credible and has a large and wide range of followers. The impact that results from a single posting of content by public figures must be very large.

But don’t worry if you only have average funds because nano and micro-influencers are now ready to help you promote your goods or services. Even though their reach and number of followers is not like that of top artists, the impact of posting content that is done still has a positive impact on increasing sales for your product.

Even if your funds are very limited, some endorsements don’t cost a penny or are free. Yes, a free endorsement is possible. You just need to send the product to that person.

6. Effective Promotion

By reviewing the benefits of endorsement activities that have been described previously, we can conclude that the promotion of products or services carried out is very effective. Effective means include time and cost. As previously mentioned, promoting with the endorsement method will make the products sold can be recognized in a very fast time.

Sales turnover can also increase immediately because the posted content can be seen by many. In addition, this is called effective because it only requires one action, namely endorsement, so that some benefits result. One endorsed content posted can bring customer trust and open new markets and increase your sales.


Does endorse include advertising?

-Endorsement is a form of advertising that uses a well-known character or celebrity who gains high trust, respect, or awareness among people.

What are influencers?

-Influencers are one of the booming marketing strategies over the past few years, especially since the rise of social media users. Influencers are people who can influence other people to buy certain products.

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