Marketing techniques using social media are currently considered a surefire trick to grow a business faster than using traditional marketing. One technique that you can use is Telegram Marketing. In addition to marketing techniques through popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok, you also shouldn’t miss Telegram marketing.

Telegram is one of the platforms that have many active users. Telegram is a chat application. However, this platform can also build a brand community or even increase engagement. What are the tips and how to use Telegram marketing for your business marketing strategy?

What is Telegram Marketing?

Telegram is a chat-based application that combines text messaging. Telegram marketing itself can be interpreted as a strategy to promote business or other activities through the Telegram platform by using the tools or supporting media needed such as images, text, or videos. This application has been downloaded more than 100 million times with a minimum of 350,000 new users every day around the world. The more users of an application or platform, the more potential the market has.

Advantages of Telegram Marketing

If you have a business and want to market it through digital marketing techniques, then Telegram marketing can be a surefire strategy because it has many benefits:

1. The Number of Telegram Users Continues to Grow

By the end of January 2021, there were a lot of people downloading Telegram. The number of Telegram users is believed to continue to grow. Just like other applications, the more applications or platforms people use, the more potential the market has. Thus, that means you also have to apply Telegram Marketing as one of the digital marketing techniques for your business.

2. Has Complete Features

If you are currently using WhatsApp as the spearhead of your marketing, then there is no harm in starting using Telegram marketing. This is because the features that are in WhatsApp are also in Telegram. Even more, features are in Telegram but WhatsApp doesn’t have them at all. On the other hand, Telegram has many features that WhatsApp or other chat applications don’t have, including groups and channels, stickers, secret chats, and so on.

3. Ads Free

You can use Telegram marketing for your business for free and without any ads. Even if you have a group on Telegram, some members continuously send spam, then Telegram also provides the facility to report it as a spam message.

4. Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot is the fourth reason you should use Telegram for your marketing strategy. By using bots on Telegram, you can manage the main system and allow robots to take on your various jobs automatically so you can save more time. With Telegram Bot, you can do many things such as teaching, playing games, searching websites, reminders, connecting with other users, integrating with other devices, broadcasting, and scheduling.

5. Available for Multiple Accounts

This is one of the interesting points of Telegram marketing. If you have many online stores, you can create a Telegram account for each online store and manage it from only one device so you don’t need to clone applications and don’t need to be afraid of fast storage media and this is legal.

6. Can be integrated with other applications or platforms

Furthermore, what makes you have to use Telegram marketing as a business marketing strategy is that you can integrate Telegram with other applications or platforms. For example, if you use an email marketing service, you can integrate it with Telegram. This will make it easier for you to follow up or communicate with customers. This will certainly be very profitable for you because this tactic is tantamount to two-way marketing.

7. Cross-Platform

Another thing that should not be missed is that Telegram can be accessed by many devices with different platforms at the same time. For example, if you access Telegram on your smartphone when you open your laptop, the chat will remain the same. Because Telegram uses a cloud-based concept so that if the smartphone battery runs out, you can open it on your computer and don’t be afraid to lose your chat history.

8. Telegram Engagement is Quite High

AppsGeyser in 2020 researched engagement levels on each social media. The result is the view rate on the Telegram application reaches 20 percent. This engagement is driven by the poll and quiz features within the group. Apart from that, Telegram also has GIFs and special stickers that are interesting to use. Compared to other social media, this number is high. That’s why doing a marketing strategy on Telegram feels so promising.

9. The Right Platform to Build Branding

As discussed earlier, you can create groups on Telegram which are a means to create a community. One group on Telegram can even accommodate more than 200,000 people. With many communities and high engagement rates, you can build business branding at once. This is because you can broadcast and convey the latest messages from the company and promote the product.

This simple action can easily increase the visibility of your company or business and will provide an opportunity to get more customers. In addition, the company will be able to understand the needs and desires of customers to further improve services or products.


Can I use Telegram for business?

-From a small business perspective, Telegram can be used for business. Some businesses have used Telegram for sales purposes. This application has great power and users of more than 100 million have yet to take advantage of its advantages.

What benefits does Telegram provide for your business?

-Being a concierge, being able to order online, providing real-time support, individual assistance, processing feedback from customers, communicating, and coordinating the team.

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