The content creator is one of the promising professions in this digital era. There are even content creators who can earn up to billions of rupiah. What’s more interesting is that everyone can become a content creator if they know how. Actually, what is a content creator? What are some examples of content creators?

This article will explain the meaning of content creator, how to become a content creator and the skills that must be possessed to become a content creator. It will also explain the types of content creators so you can choose the field that best suits your interests.

What is a Content Creator?

Content creators are people who create content, whether in the form of writing, audio, video, or images. The content will later be displayed on various platforms, such as the website, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

But the task of the content creator is not just creating content. Content creators must do many stages before and after creating content, including:

  • Researching to find out trends that can be used as content ideas while ensuring the truth of the information contained in the content
  • Edit content
  • Manage websites and social media to publish content, measure engagement with audiences, conduct promotional campaigns, and more
  • Evaluate content traffic using analytics tools

With so much work to do, you may wonder, how much do content creators make? Beginner content creators can get a salary of up to IDR 5 million. But the value will continue to increase when the content created successfully achieves its goals or the high content traffic.

Types of Content Creator

The following are the types of content creators based on their skills:

1. Writer

You must often look for information on the internet, right? The articles you read on the internet are the work of these content creators. This writer is known to be very skilled at conveying ideas through writing. Examples of content creators, including writers, are bloggers, book writers, and many more.

2. Visualizer

Remember the infographic that passed by during the pandemic? The creator is a visualizer-type content creator—this sharing ideas and messages through images that are easier for the general public to understand. Examples of content creator visualizers are designers, iconographers, meme/GIF creators, and animators.

3. Speaker

This speaker has good communication skills, so the audience feels at home listening to the content. Examples of content creators included in this group are podcasters, vloggers, and voice-overs.

Criteria for a Good Content Creator

Here are some criteria for a good content creator:

1. Can Develop Creative Ideas

One of the criteria for a good content creator is the ability to develop creative ideas. Why is that? Because without this ability, the content might become less attractive. Less engaging content will certainly not bring in a lot of audiences. Finally, content is also challenging to get high traffic. It is what separates successful content creators from those that don’t.

So a content creator should have good creativity, especially in creating original content to attract an audience.

2. Have Research Ability

In creating content, content creators cannot be careless. Research skills are needed to process information and facts into relevant content. Thus, the uploaded content can be justified. A content creator must continue to hone his research skills well.

3. Understanding the Target Audience

Content creators must be able to see through the eyes of the audience. That means the content created must be to the needs of the audience. That is why it is essential to understand the pain points or difficulties experienced by the audience. Thus, content creators can create content that contains solutions to problems faced by the audience. Content creators can also attract audience interest to increase engagement and traffic.

4. Can Communicate Well

As a content creator, there are times when you have to collaborate with other content creators to create content. Therefore, one of the criteria for a good content creator is to have good communication skills. Communication skills are essential for the collaborative content creation process to run smoothly.

5. Have Good Time Management

Managing time is also one of the criteria for a good content creator. Primarily if the content being worked on is intended for multiple clients. Time management skills will help content creators complete work on time. The main thing is to make it easier for you to prioritize important work. You have understood the criteria for a good content creator.

Content Creator Duties and Responsibilities


Content Creator Tasks

1Write, review, edit and create content for platforms used by companies for marketing
2Conduct research and interviews to learn about the latest trends and in content development
3Work closely with the creative team to prepare promotional materials
4Using social media for consumer engagement, responding to complaints and promoting company products/services
5Collaborate with internal departments to carry out campaigns from process to evaluation
6Monitoring social media and company website
7Increase traffic through created content

Skills Content Creator Must Have

There are several skills that must be possessed by content creators, including:

1. Have Photography and Videography Skills

A content creator must have photography or videography skills because photos or videos will make the content enjoyable. Even if you don’t have to take your photos, at least a content creator must know which pictures and videos are the best to use in the content. For example, if you are a travel blogger, you can insert photos of the four reviewed tours to make the content more attractive to the audience. So this skill is not only mandatory for vloggers or photographers.

2. Have Copywriting Skills

A content creator must have copywriting skills, especially for those who work for clients or companies who want to increase their business and improve their business. Why is this skill important? Copywriting is a technique for selling products through writing to persuade the audience to buy the products or services offered. So, many products can be sold if your copywriting skills are good. The key is understanding the target audience’s needs and the product to be marketed.

3. Mastering Support Tools

Supporting tools are needed to maximize content results, both in terms of tools to help production and other supporting applications. For example, in making vlogs, it takes mastery of equipment, such as tripods, microphones, and cameras to video editing applications, to produce exciting content.

4. Understanding SEO and SEM Strategy

Content creators engaged in writing must have good SEO and SEM techniques because their papers are accessible for the audience to find if they are optimized for search results. SEO uses specific strategies so that content appears on the first page of search results. At the same time, SEM is the use of paid ads so that content can reach an audience instantly.

For content creators in a company, this skill can support the content marketing strategy that is carried out so that it can run optimally.

5. Can Operate Analytics Tools

Content creators must not only be able to market their content but also must be able to operate analytics tools. For example, if you use the Instagram platform, you must master Instagram analytics tools. Its purpose is to monitor and evaluate the traffic of content uploaded on the forum. Content creation goals can be more targeted when content creators can use analytics tools to implement marketing strategies.


What are the jobs of content creators?

-Content Creator is in charge of creating content in the form of writing, images, or videos that will be displayed on various popular media such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more.

Content creator belongs to what field?

The content creator is someone who gives birth to various content materials in the form of writing, images, videos, sounds, or a combination of two or more materials. Now, the content created by content creators is usually published on digital platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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