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In the digital age, websites are very important. Website can be used for various purposes such as to promote products / services, as a portfolio, as a monetized blog or other purposes. Because you want the website to be read by many people, the website must look attractive, easy to use and user friendly.

For this reason, a website must be well designed. Web design allows the website to be liked by visitors and makes visitors feel at home for long reading your website. In addition, a well-designed website will look more professional and not confusing.

What’s more, if the website is made for business purposes. You certainly want the business to grow, right? Website can realize this if maximized properly. Website reflects the good branding of yourself as a businessman and as a reflection of the products / services that you sell.

A good website design will be a reliable marketing tool because new customers will come to your website.

Why is website design so important?

First Impression

Just like attracting the opposite sex, to attract potential customers, you only need to maximize the appearance of your website. Make visitors amazed with your website. A good impression will be embedded in the user’s mind about your product or service.

Therefore, website design is needed to give this positive first impression. Choose the right color scheme for your business or company website.

Displaying a Good Image

So that your brand / product image can be clearly known, it requires a good website design so that it looks neat and does not confuse users. The neat appearance of the website gives the impression that your company is modern and professional. Websites that are designed based on the vision and mission of the company / business can display the right information to website visitors.

Design Can Last Long

Good design criteria is a design that can last a long time. This is still maintained until now. A website that has a good design will certainly make it difficult for visitors to look away because visitors feel at home exploring the website. This will also save your budget because you don’t have to repeatedly design websites.

More Effective Communication

The purpose of a website is to provide information to users. Based on research, if a site cannot provide information to visitors within 30 seconds, visitors will leave immediately. Then the right layout and content settings are needed so that users find information more easily.

Customers are Happy

A well-designed and well-designed website can give users comfort and peace. Conversely, websites that are not well designed will make the user feel unhappy especially the user cannot find the information that is really needed by him. Therefore, web design is needed to ensure that information on the website can be found easily.

Keep Visitors on the Site

Based on the data, the attention span of website visitors is very short so as to provide clear information on the site. If it’s necessary, use videos and photos because visitors prefer watching video clips or browsing images rather than having to focus on letters. But the most important thing is to place videos and photos properly so that the results are maximum.

Web design turns out to be so important and provides many benefits, right? To be able to create a professional web design, it requires extensive experience and knowledge. If you don’t have the skills to do it or are too busy to design a website, then you can use WordPress web design services.

Core Freelancers is a service provider for WordPress and web design based website design. Consisting of various experienced teams, Core Freelancers is ready to provide a professional, neat and appropriate web design for your type of business. We have years of experience serving clients from Australia, Italy and Indonesia.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Design

Because a website can be likened to a cover, web design determines how customers value your business, so we give your business brand the appearance of being a market leader and in accordance with your business goals. Your web design will be professionally made by us.

Modern Technology

In addition, we also use the latest technology in the world of websites that are standard in making our website. Let your website be handled by experts. We use Parallax, CSS3, React Native, Node js, reactjs, laravel and so on.

Using CMS

Content Management System makes the website more manageable. WordPress is our choice because it has the power and flexibility in making blogs to websites for large companies. WordPress often updates and uses the standards of the most recent websites.

Loved by Search Engines

In addition to web designers, we also have an SEO team that ensures that design and development are made according to the latest standards of Search Engine Optimization. Your website is much easier to appear on the first page of search engines.

Orientation to Grow Your Business

Having a website will not be of any use if it cannot improve business work. The job of the website is to bring prospective customers to your business. Website is indeed created with the aim of developing business and online marketing performance.


The team that works at our company has experience and certification in it so they can give their best. The designer team has expertise in User Experience while developers are experts in using the latest website technology to provide maximum results.

How We Work



We will collect various types of information according to website needs, website design goals, type of business, what features are needed, and other important information.

Collecting Content

After we know the needs of the client's website, we will request the content and materials needed by the client such as company / business logos, photos and product / service information offered, business / company vision and mission and so on.

Start a web design

We will then design the website design draft so that the client has an overview of the final website outcome. We will propose a draft and web design for approval if it is in accordance with the wishes of the client.


After the website design has been approved, the next step is website development. We will optimize your website (SEO) so that your website pages can be indexed by Google's search engine easily.

Make it live

We will give clients time to review our work. Clients can talk to us whether the results are right or something is not right. If it is not appropriate then we will revise it so that the website complies with the initial agreement.

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Why is web design so important and so needed?

Because the website shows the company’s image and is the key to attracting the attention of prospective clients.

How about good web design criteria?

Neat, clear, professional and user-friendly.